My Naughty Boy Santa is my favorite man! Every year, for as far back as I can remember (which for the record is to 6 months old. YES!), I lived all year for that one special night…The night when Naughty Santa arrives with his sack full of goodies and…of course, candy canes to slurp on! I love licking those sweet, sticky wands and have trails of me spittle rolling down the cane and making my fingers all gooey delicious. What’s a girl to do? I have to lick every sticky bit from my fingers. Heehee. Okay, okay!  I’ll stop playing around and get right down to the nitty-gritty for ya! Why so anxious, for a yearly visit from Santa? Oh, Honey….Got your big boy pants on?  Cum with me for a yummy tale of a Naughty Santa and some much desired Christmas fuckery…Giggle

The holiday “thrill” starts deep inside right on time at Christmas Eve every year and continues to this day.  The air is filled with the smells of the family holidays.  Your family probably has similar traditions of popping the corn to string along the tree, hanging the beautiful balls, stretching deep under the boughs of the tree to place the presents with care…

Well, our family has them too.  Only, at our gatherings, the smells that fill the air, are of divine teen cock sucking and pounding fucks.  The women and girls “pop” our booties for our audience of men.  We hang balls too…from our lips, pussies and asses.  We CERTAINLY and with GLEE, “stretch” every orifice we have to pleasure each other.  We’re a family and it’s Christmas… Oh, we go DEEP to place our presents with care…just like you.  Well, kinda like you. Bet our “gatherings” are more fun.  Giggle

The door to my bedroom crept noisily open causing my fireplace to bloom to life and casting looming shadows across my walls.  I lay trembling with excitement and pretending to be asleep…as was our “ritual”.  The giant, manly shadow grew smaller as it bent over me in my bed.

The covers shifted and the voice rang in breathy lust…”Santa’s here, Baby-girl!  And has Daddy got a present for YOU!”

My pussy tightened with rapt anticipation and I knew…the Holiday was about to beCUM very, Merry and Bright!”

My Naughty boy…A warm hand slid under my flannel nightie and my panties were removed with skill. I rolled over to meet his lips on mine.  His tongue, sucking, licking, probing.  This was no “normal” father/daughter romp…if there IS a “normal”.  Dad and I had a special thing going…and Christmas was the crescendo to the year.  New Years was a whole other story…Don’t get me started.  But, Christmas…yeah, it was special.  Dad and I.  The fireplace in my bedroom.  The way he smells. And the Santa suit with it’s jingle bells ringing… Daddy scooped me into his arms and lay me gently before the blazing fire.

He kissed me like he does Mommy and slid a hand beneath my nightgown again. The stroke of his thumbs against my flat chest and nipples, still gives me wet dreams while awake.  And he took me, fully and deeply in every hole I possess and I love it to this day. My clit swells from the memory and the knowledge that even at 30, Daddy won’t forget his little girl tonight. It’s Christmas Eve and Dad will fly across the world to BE WITH ME on our special night of Daddy/Daughter sex. I’ll lick and slurp the sweet candy cane when he offers it to my lips and I will TUG the cum from him…I’m a heavy you ALL KNOW.

Daddy’s cum dumpster is at the ready…to please.  He’s such a great Dad and an even BETTER, SANTA! And my warm, wet pussy is here to make both the Naughty and Nice lists…All in one swallow! What?  Let there be NO SURPRISES here.  I was a teen cock sucker and I’m not about to STOP NOW!

Think you can be a naughty boy too?  Wanna put me ALL OVER YOUR PHONE SEX TO-DO LIST this Holiday, Baby…Santa suit up and CUM for me.  I’m working tonight and tomorrow…Yeah…After the fucking Daddy gives me tonight…I’l be HORNIER THAN ANY OTHER TIME OF YEAR!  You should get yourself some…Before the dripping stops. Giggle

Kisses and Long, Wet Licks…

I’m His Little Cum Dumpster


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