Findom is one of the best types of fetishes.

It is one of the bdsm related types of fetishes. I love financial domination. One of my favorite dominations was meeting this guy for a cash drop. We discussed online that he was going to purchase a ticket and fly to my town. There, we would meet at the mall where he would take me shopping.

We met in Victoria’s Secret and blew through only 400 bucks. I just stacked what I wanted into his arms and waited expectingly at the register for him to purchase them for me. This was just a test to see if he could really please me. The best was yet to come.

I then dragged him into the Apple store. Picking out a new MacBook and an iPhone, I got covers for both of them and all sorts of accessories. I even got a new speaker. Not a word was said. I just crossed my arms and waited for him to bring them to the counter. Smiling at him when he pulled out his credit card and purchased every single thing, I expressed that I was pleased.

It was getting late and we had one last stop.

I took him to the home store and told him that I wanted the best memory foam mattress that they had to offer. Pointing to the king size mattress, I told him that I wanted exactly that one. I wanted the 200 dollar pillow set that came with it. The mattress was barely short of 4,000 bucks.

It was to be shipped to my house via expedited shipping. I made him pay for that too. Then, I gave him a kiss on the cheek when It got late and told him that I expected to wallet rape him again within the next 3 months. Then he got back on the plane and flew across the country. Like adult chat? Read some more of my blogs!

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