Why use one vibrator when you can use two vibrators!

I was dating Tim for about a year and found him to be one of the most attentive boyfriends I’d ever had.  He always anticipated my sexual needs.  He would often order a new sex toy or lingerie for me and have it delivered to my house as a surprise.  One day, he sent a package which contained two identical vibrators and some heating massage oil.  He enclosed a note that read, “Sabrina, two vibrators are better than one!”  I knew he had something up his sleeve and I couldn’t wait to find out what it was.

When I got home from work, after an especially stressful day, he was waiting for me.  He lit candles in my bedroom,  He had a bottle of wine opened.  He told me not to do a thing and that he was going to take care of me tonight.   I was so excited to find out what he had in mind for us with two vibrators.  

He undressed me slowly and kissed my skin wherever he removed clothing.  His lips were soft and the sensation of his touches made me tingle.  When I was completely naked he placed me on my bed, face down and told me to relax and close my eyes.  I obeyed and smiled, anticipating a luscious massage.   He undressed quickly and began.  

He used the heating massage oil and gave me a firm rub down, from my shoulders to my thighs.  He kneaded my muscles gently and swept his hands up and down my body.  I felt him very gently start to push my legs apart.  When his fingers touched my clit, my whole body quivered.  He inserted two fingers inside of me and began to massage me inside my pussy!  It was amazing.  I moaned and rocked my body against his fingers, riding them.  He used his tongue to flick my clit as his fingers continued their work inside of me.  

Next, I felt the hardness of a vibrator pushing against my clit.  I pushed back against it, inviting it to fill me.  He slid it halfway inside of me and turned the speed up a couple of notches.  I felt my pussy gush with wetness and bounced my ass up and down a little to take more of it inside of me.  

That’s when I felt the second vibrator rubbing my ass cheek.  I lay still with my eyes open, my breathing got heavier now.   He gently slid the second vibrator into my ass, an inch at first then two.  As he pushed it further into my ass, he turned it side to side very slowly while he pushed the first vibrator into my pussy harder and faster.  Two vibrators were working my holes and I was in heaven.  

I moaned and moved my body up and down in a sexual frenzy.  One vibrator was on high speed and pounding my wet pussy while the second one was on a lower and steadier speed and going in and out of my tight asshole very gently.  His coordination with two vibrators was wonderful!

When he sensed I was about to cum, he gently pulled the vibrator out of pussy and plunged his thick cock inside of my tightness.  He fucked me hard and fast, pressing a finger against my clit and coaxing out my orgasm.  He never stopped his slow and steady rhythmic ass fucking with the second vibrator and when I orgasmed, he did too.  Our bodies shuddered violently together as the waves of erotic pleasure washed over us.   

Tim was right.  Two vibrators were so much better than just one!

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