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I don’t know what sounds better in that sentence… Anal, or Jade! I have always been extremely attracted to Jade and the feelings are definitely mutual. We both are moms and are always SO HORNY! We love having 2 girl calls together and being able to make each other cum! One call in particular we were extremely excited about. I had talked to this caller multiple times before but he was very specific with wanting Anal with both Jade and I. I quickly took advantage of the opportunity to play with Jade. We never pass up the chance to play together!

Well, we started off by Jade sucking the caller’s cock, to get it nice and lubed up for her little ass. I couldn’t help myself, I got on my hands and knees, crawled over to Jade’s ass that was sticking straight in the air. Then I spread her little ass cheeks and started eating out her sweet ass. I slid my tongue deep in her ass, in and out, faster and faster, as I slurped around my spit. I wanted her ass nice and wet so she could truly enjoy anal with our caller.

He told her to get on her knees so he could slam his thick cock in her little ass. She moaned as his cock went in and out of her little ass. It was going deeper and deeper. His cock was all the way in at this point! I loved imagining her getting fucked by this massive cock!

The caller disconnected the call. He must have loved anal just as much as we were! Jade told me to get in front of her…

“Jade, he hung up!” I giggled to her.

Jade giggled back and told me to get on my knees. I couldn’t resist. I got on my knees, and Jade began eating out my ass. Could feel her warm and wet tongue wiggle inside of my tight ass. She kept spreading my ass cheeks as she went in and out, deeper and deeper! The feeling of her tongue felt so warm on my ass. Jade was getting me so wet as she continued describing what she was doing to my ass. I grabbed my vibrator, shoved it in my pussy and began fucking my massive toy as Jade continued talking.

I heard her start to breath heavier. Then I turned up the vibration intensity on my toy. We both moaned, and screamed together as we continued enjoying our anal play together. The two of us couldn’t help ourselves… We had to keep playing, even after the caller hung up. We wanted to make each other cum, hard!

… and we did!

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