The two most evil combinations ever
The two most evil combinations ever is me having two days off in a row with some extra spending money..
Off to the mall I go, not that I need anything. I just enjoy shopping for sexy, girly, frilly panties in pink, yellow, black and my favorite red. The lacier the better, bows make my pussy wet with anticipation.
You are wondering in anticipation of what?!?! I will tell you, anticipation of YOUR little sissy ass strutting around the bed room begging for me to tell you that you are my favorite little sissy bitch. That’s right every pair of bootie shorts, boy shorts and thongs that I buy are for you.
Now don’t act shy, you know you secretly sneak into my dresser to snatch a quick look and feel of my panties. Sometimes you even get up the nerve to wear them. Looking at your tight little ass in the mirror. You are getting hard imaging that you are a hot little piece of ass waiting to get fucked nice and hard with my cock.
Oh yes I forgot to tell you I bought a strap on cock to punish your little sissy ass when I catch you in my panties. I am dying to break it in on your cute little pink panty wearing sissy ass….. So if you think you can handle all 12 inches of my strap on then call me, let me dress you up in all my pretty little panties, shorts, and skirts and fix your make up. All to make you into the perfect little sissy boy.
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