So, Did You Know That Two Become Four

I think it’s so hot when two become four.  In school, we learned that two plus two equals four, but not to the extent of this sexy story. We learn the fundamental rules of sharing and being unselfish. However, we later learn that it can be so much fun to share other things.

So, onto the story that took place. Some new neighbors moved into the development. They were a lovely couple. I never realized that things would turn out so differently.  It was such a nice visit the first night my husband and I went over to their house to introduce ourselves. We hit it off right away.

I sighed in relief knowing they would not be like the neighbor blackmails wife experienced a long time ago. To be honest the couple was like night and day.  They both were hot to look at from the start.

I couldn’t stop looking over at him.

I never thought in my wildest dreams that we would become four. So, one day the new neighbors Jim and Hannah invited us over for dinner. We decided to bring some wine to celebrate their arrival. My husband always picks something so wonderful for the occasion.

During dinner, I couldn’t stop looking over at him. Jim was so cute with dark hair, brown eyes, and a hard muscular body. Hannah was a platinum blonde with a rocking body, and tits so hot I wanted to put them in my mouth.

After dinner, I offered to help Jim get dessert ready. Well, before you know it, we were kissing passionately. He pulled me to his tight body and we made out.  Our tongues tangled and danced together in a playful dance.

He was so assertive, but I didn’t mind at all.

Jim kissed my neck so passionately my body quivered in his arms. His soft lips kissed my neck, then under my shirt to my beautiful nipples. He sucked my nipples into his warm mouth.

He took my shirt and put it over the counter. My bra, skirt, and panties came next. Jim lowered his mouth to my wet pussy and he flicked his tongue across my swollen clit.

I arched and fucked his face as he licked me so good. Just then, his wife walked into the room. I thought for a moment she would be so upset. However, she came up to me and we started to make out. Her lips were so delicious and full.  My hands roamed her body as I stripped her out of her beautiful dress.

My fingers explored Hannah’s smooth skin. As my fingers entered her wet pussy, my husband walked in next and couldn’t stop staring. He stripped without a word and started to kiss Hannah. It made me so hot to watch my husband, Tony, kissing her lips.

Things really steamed up as the girls became the dessert of the night.

I never thought that Hannah and I would become dessert. Each hot guy took us and put us up on the counter and spread our legs. They licked us both out till we spilled our sweet nectar.

It was so hot to be bent over the counter and watch each of our guys fuck the other girl. Hannah’s face was delirious as he thrust fast inside of her wet hole. I loved watching her tits bounce up and down.

Two become four is one of the most beautiful equations.

So, don’t you think that two become four is the most beautiful number? The four of us had such a wonderful time. So much happened that night.

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