This guy is following me and checking me out daily. He is my new stalker. What he isn’t expecting is that this girl will put a twist on stalker fun.

He doesn’t look familiar, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t met before. With my wild sexual exploits, he could be from one of the many orgies I participated in, but I do not remember him.

Especially if he is packing a tiny package. During orgies, if a guy has a huge cock, I tend to remember everything about him. We stay in contact after the orgy fun.

I have my share of creeper dudes and love a twist on stalker fun!

Depending on the guy, it can go so many different ways. If the guy is a complete loser, I will mess with his head when I flip things around on him. However, if he is hot, I will have some good kinky fun with him.

With my active life, I meet new people regularly. So many of them are just faces in the crowd. They flow through my days and keep it interesting.

Now, I will say, my latest twist on stalker fun victim is pretty good-looking. Everything about him is attractive. His body is chiseled and fit, his face is gorgeous, and let’s hope his package is nice too.

As a voyeur, I am quite sneaky myself.

So it is easy for me to out-sneak the creepers that try to follow me around. With my latest, the goal is to catch him by surprise and introduce myself.

I am at the mall, and he is still tailing me. Since I had stopped at a store, he decided to take a seat on a nearby bench to avoid suspicion. Of course, I know my way around here quite well. Without my twist on stalker fun victim even noticing, I dip into the service area behind the stores.

As he is trying to figure out where I went, I surprise him by sitting beside him. Turning, he realizes it is me staring at him. I smile and reach out to introduce myself.

My sexy twist on stalker fun victim smiles back at me.

Then, I ask if he is trying to harm me, scare me or fuck me? Of course, my bold style is unexpected, but he takes it in stride. He tells me he saw me at a party and didn’t get a chance to play with me.

Since then, he has been trying to find out more about me before introducing himself. Laughing, I explain that most guys would find a way to get my number and call me.

I know the twist on stalker fun will be a blast when he says, “I am not just any guy.” We start chatting, and it turns out we know a lot of the same people.

He invites me to dinner, where we chat and discuss things that turn us on.

After dinner, we go to my place as my parents are traveling again. Once we are in my bedroom, I have him naked in no time. Happily, I am not disappointed with his package either!

He takes charge of me and pushes me down on the bed, where he goes down and eats my pussy until I have an exploding orgasm. Mmmm…I like this guy!

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