I know Tumblr college girls get a bad rap, but they’ve helped me out a lot of times. 

One such instance of being helped by Tumblr college girls was with my step-daddy. I’ve written an incest sex story about him earlier, when I seduced him for the first time. After that, we became a thing.

My step-dad was the one who would pick me up and drop me off at college. Since he and I were already fucking, we made a time of it in the car. He and I would usually speak about school, and then he’d spend the drive back fingering my pussy in his Honda Prius. Or other times I’d show him my new vibe, and he’d have me fuck myself as he drove me home from college.

“I wanna show you something new,” I told him one day as we pulled into the driveway. “When mom’s not there.”

“Where’d you learn something new?”

I avoided his suspicious glance as I stepped out of the car.

“Tumblr. I’ve got one for a bunch of different sex positions.”

I could see his pained face. One one hand, he wanted to punish me for being a bad, naughty girl. On the other hand, he would benefit directly from my sinning. I shut the door and stuck my tongue out at him, and made sure to bend over so he could see my panties under my skirt.

As soon as we were in the entryway, he was on me. The door shut with a slam and he pressed me into the front door, his knee in between my legs. “Your mother isn’t home for another three hours,” he informed me, his hands popping open my blouse to paw at my bra underneath. “Little slut.”

Instinctively, I started grinding on his knee, desperate to feel him inside me already. “Yes, daddy,” I pleaded, unhooking my bra. The front door was cold against my skin, but I didn’t mind. Especially not when Daddy hooked his mouth onto my breast, sucking at my nipples.

“Yes, harder,” I pleaded. “Please, daddy, please.”

“Little bitch,” he snapped, but his teeth worried my nub, and I gasped against the door. “Show me how you present for daddy, little bitch,” he told me. He stepped back.

I raced to the couch, bending myself over the arm, pulling my panties to the side.

“Please, daddy, I want to show you what I learned.”

“I can’t wait,” he answered. We had plenty of time, it was true, but we missed each other. Our bodies were already aroused; we couldn’t keep our hands off each other, not since I’d seduced him. Three hours meant at least six orgasms before mom was home.

Knowing I liked being pinned, Daddy pressed his hand on the back of my neck, licking a stripe up my spine. My body twitched and shivered as I moaned, but his hand kept me in place, unable to move. He chuckled as my body arched at the sensation. Sharp heat traveled down to my already leaking pussy, and I could feel my walls clench around nothing, in total anticipation.

“I hope those Tumblr college girls taught you something good,” he smirked, smacking my ass. “Your gym certainly has been useful.”

“Squats for daddy,” I told him, wiggling my hips. “Come on, fuck me already.”

Daddy slapped my ass again for that, and I arched underneath him again. “Wet little whore,” he teased, but there was no bite to it. His cock pressed against my hole, and I moaned again.

“Please, daddy, please,” I told him. “I gotta have it. Let me show you.” I wiggled one of my hands down to my clit. It wasn’t the most comfortable position for my wrist, but at this point, I didn’t care. Instead, I just wanted to show him what I had picked up from Tumblr. 

He slid himself inside, raw and hard against my walls. He kept me face-down into the pillow as he snapped his hips into me, and I kept crying out as he fucked me good. I loved it like this. My fingers began to rub my clit, my body trembling and pussy gripping his cock even tighter with each tremor.

“Bless… those… girls,” he panted, his hips speeding up.

“You’re really wet for it, all eager for me this time.”

I sped up, too, my hand cramping underneath the weight of my hips. Despite this, I kept rubbing my clit, feeling the orgasm build up inside me.

Daddy wasn’t too far off, either. “Missed this,” he was panting, groaning in my ear. I’d missed it too- his cock shoving itself inside, his hands on my neck, his hips pounding against mine. All of those sensations I’d been craving the past couple of months.

The fire built and built inside me, heat searing down my legs, and finally, I let myself go. I pushed against the orgasm, liquids suddenly splashing out against my stepdad’s pants.

“Holy-” he yelled, and immediately I felt something warm and sticky inside my pussy. I grinned, wiggling my hand free from my hips. Normally he didn’t come inside; we used the pull-out method. But this time, I’d managed to surprise him good. He collapsed on top of me, breathing in my ear. “Damn, baby. Bless those Tumblr college girls.”

“I thought you’d like it,” I told him and gave him a kiss.

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