Tumbler sex stories and phone sex go together really well

I recently had hot phone sex with a very sexy guy who told me about tumbler. I never really knew that I could find tumbler sex stories. Now I know. I really like getting to know what turns people on and what they’re into sexually. Tumbler sex stories is a good way to find out more about people. It feels really personal. I like that.

As you may or may not know. I love sex toys. Most phone sex girls have sex toys. I especially like them for myself. My favorite is my trusty ‘magic wand’. It never fails me. It’s also really loud. A loud sex toy is great for phone sex, but maybe not so much when my room mate is home.   

I also love when men use sex toys as well. If I had a cock I would have a flesh light. I can imagine sliding my cock into a tight hole and pumping in and out. The sexy guy that told me about tumbler has a page. I popped onto his page and could see short videos of him using his flesh light. So damn sexy! His hard cock moved in and out of the flesh light. He also used it like a tight hole to jerk his cock into. I also saw what turns him on. I love knowing what turns people on.

It’s one of the reasons I am a phone sex operator.

I am deeply sexually curious. I think it’s one of the reasons I love porn so much. My friend recently told me that her husband doesn’t watch porn. He feels guilty. I think she should force him to watch porn. When you surf porn sites you always find something that you didn’t know about. Same thing with tumbler sex stories. Why not be sexually curious. You will learn so much.