Male ass play during phone sex is her favorite

Male ass play is something that I enjoy so very much. When I get a Phone Sex call from a guy who has his ass toys out and ready to use, I know I’m going to have a good time. If you know me, I will always ask if you if you want to play with your ass. If you don’t want to it’s ok.

The p-spot is a mystery to me. You can’t see it. Cock and balls are easy to see. They are just right out there. But, the prostate is a hidden mysterious amazing gem of pleasure for male ass play.

A lot of strait dudes think that male ass play while they are fucking or while they jerk off is gay. Seriously? The only thing that’s gay, is being gay. So if you are one of those guys, knock that off.

Male ass play is sexy. Ass play makes you (and me) cum so so much harder.

Ok. So you aren’t ready for something in your ass. It’s fine. You can get to this magical p-spot from the outside. Tip for you. In between your balls and ass is that all so sexy muscle. Your hard cock even extends into that sexy place. Where your hard on ends push up/massage there. Just try it. Find the spot!!!! Dig for that treasure.

Do it for me.

Anal toys for men are abound! My personal favorites are dildos. I also love a toy called ‘eneros’ , but as you may or may not know, good toys can be expensive. The best way to avoid spending a lot of money on toys is grocery shopping. The produce section is your friend. A cucumber is an even better friend. A cheap way to explore different sizes and shapes. I’ve done it, so can you!

Ass play should be on your bucket list. If you don’t need persuading. I would love to hear and feel that big huge orgasm when you call me.

I can’t wait!

Teen Phone Sex!