Truth about anal sex from a Catholic school freak.

Truth about anal sex and my background behind how I started. Yes, I grew up going to church every Sunday. Attended Catholic school from kindergarten through senior year, also every Monday night I was in catechism class for 90 minutes. Now that you have all of this information on me, you should be aware that sex is taboo in my house.

Growing up it was always drilled into my head that I was to lose my virginity on my wedding night.

Anytime before that and I would be damaged goods, no man would ever want me and I would die a lonely old maid. Never wanting this to happen I took the purity oath with my friends. Our purity rings were simple and plain just like they should be. Wearing this ring meant that I was making a commitment to God and saving sex for marriage.

The truth about anal sex came to me my freshman year.

I was volunteering at the church helping Father Tim organize the new bibles and go through the old ones. We developed a close relationship that year. Confiding in him and opening up to him about everything I ever questioned. My biggest confusion was about the girls that had boyfriends. Hearing rumors that they were having sex but still having their virginity.

Father Tim told me it was time for me to learn the truth about anal sex.

Anal sex??? I had no idea what this even was, There was no mention of the truth about anal sex in health class. We talked about kissing and touching and sex. Never was the word anal in front of any sex topics. My mind was racing with so many questions. I wanted to know everything.

I explained to him that there was this boy I liked, Ryan, he was in my religion class.

Ryan was a grade ahead of me. I liked him but never approached him because I hear rumors that he doesn’t mess around with girls who are goody-goodies. I wanted to know more about the truth about anal sex before I tried to talk to him. Father Tim agreed to help me out in any way he could.

My heart was ecstatic.

Agreeing to keep this our little secret we set up a meeting in the church at 10 pm. This way we know that no one will be there and we won’t have any interruptions during our talk. These meetings continued a couple of times a week for about a month. At this point, Father Tim said that he has filled me in on all the truth about anal sex he could.

Now was the time for some hands-on activity.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do this. But he convinced me that I had no other choice. He said if I didn’t practice with him then Ryan would know I had never done this before. I did not want Ryan to think I was a prude. So I agreed to have anal sex with Father Tim. I asked him what I needed to do. He made me lift my plaid catholic school skirt and bend over the cathedra, A cathedra is a chair that the priest sits behind the altar.

I did as I was instructed to do.

Taking both hands and spreading my ass he spits on my ass letting it run down Taking his finger he guides it right to my asshole to lube it up. Next, he spits in his hand and rubs it all over the head of his cock. I was not ready for what happened next. Father Tim grabbed my hips and with one big hard thrust, he shoved his big hard cock deep in my ass.

The pain was so extreme that I let out a scream that sounded like someone was getting murdered.

The tears rolled down my face and I was sobbing. The truth about anal sex is that it was not what I thought it was. When this was going on I thought Ryan was not worth all of this. Fast forward to the current time the truth about anal sex is I love it. I often think back to that day with Father Tim and know that it is the perfect cosplay sex situation.

A naughty priest and a nieve school girl wearing the Catholic school skirt.

That skirt one of the most famous roleplay costumes ever. Do you have a naughty roleplay you want to act out? Call me for taboo phone sex.

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