This Is A True Sex Story

I’ve always been rather adventuresome with my masturbation habits. I had the nerve to buy nothing but a zucchini and a bottle of lube and took it up to a male clerk. He turned bright red but didn’t say a word when I smiled at him and walked out.  I was a teasing slut. He got the picture. Well, this is a true sex story about me and the guy at the grocery store. After that bold episode, I flirted with him each time I was there. Say a little inappropriate something about the bananas I was buying or the salami. I soon got him to laugh and chat back with me. He’d mentioned he was married, but that they led separate lives.

I Loved To Flirt With Him

Every time I’d go in I’d wait in his line and we’d have some flirty, banter. Not wild enough the people in line could get upset or anything though. One day I was the only one in his line and we chatted a good long while. He said he was closing the store that night. Would I like to stop by? I couldn’t resist and said I’d be there. The parking lot was nearly empty when I arrived. The last customers and staff were leaving. He saw me come towards the door, and he unlocked it to let me in. A real true sex story was about to unfold in the aisles of the supermarket.

I Dared Him To Fuck Me In The Store Aisles

He showed me around the store, the backroom area the staff only get to see. I told him I knew why he asked me there after hours. Because he wanted to fuck me. He didn’t deny it. I dared him to fuck me right there in one of the store aisles. He smirked and stripped right down, as did I. the size and girth of his cock impressed me. He’d always been mainly been standing behind the counter when we chatted. I hadn’t really been able to see much of a bulge in that position, but what a bulge there was!

It Was Crazy But It Was Exciting

He laid back on the floor and his erect cock stood straight up at attention. I straddled his face and sat down on it, my dripping pussy right on his mouth. I could feel him begin to French kiss my pussy. Opening my cunt lips and dipping his tongue into my pink folds to taste me and lick me up and down. I damned he’s good at licking pussy and I was soon bucking back and forth on his face, fucking his mouth as he licked me and flickered his tongue across my little love bud. He latched onto my clit and just sucked and suck like it was a little cock and I could feel my first wave of orgasm approaching me as he sucked me so good. I grabbed a nearby shelf for support and arched my backed and let loose and moaned with pleasure as I came all over his face. My moans echoed throughout the darkened store. I soon came back down to earth as I caught my breath.

It Lasted Long And Was Hot!

He grabbed my hips and lowered me down onto that meaty cock. It looked quite thick, so I wondered for a moment if I’d easily be able to take it, but I could. I was quite slick from his making me cum with his mouth, so that cock went in and stretched me out. It took me a moment to get used to it inside of me, and once I did he moved me back and forth and we were fucking right there on the store floor. He bucked up into me, and I loved how it felt. His strong, warm hands caressed my body knowingly. It’s hard to believe he touched me so skillfully when this was our first time together, but he did. A knowledgeable lover can be like that sometimes, I’ve found. They just know how to touch a woman so well, they can seem familiar even the first time you are with them.

I Was A Dirty Slut, And I Didn’t Care

I squeezed my pussy muscles around his cock, milking him into me. He toyed with my nipples and pinched them lightly between his thumb and forefingers. I reached down and spread open my pussy lips, exposing my clit so his cock would graze it with every thrusting stroke and that was what pushed me over that edge to ecstasy. I felt tingles go through me and over me, and I came with an intensity I’d not experienced in months and months. As soon as I came, he let out an orgasmic roar and fired jet after jet of hot cum into me. Splashing my pussy with his creamy jizz. It was wonderful. I never thought I’d ever had a true sex story unfold at the grocery store, of all places. Strange things do happen sometimes, though.

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