Sometimes when I drink, I get in over my head, which leads to some great true sex stories for you all.

After all, true sex stories are some of the sexiest ones I’ve had. And this weekend, two guys gave me some seriously rough sex.

So at the bar, the slut that I am, I sat close to two guys who were having a conversation. I spread my legs wide and took stock of them; they looked sleazy enough to do what I wanted. Nice, polite guys will follow you home, hold your hand, ask you a million questions and then show up on your doorstep the next day. Sleazy guys will use you and never ask questions.

The men noticed my wide stance, and I easily overheard them talking about how slutty I was. One of them mentioned how they should take me back to their place and give me a ride for my life. I looked at them then, lifted my glass, and told them to bring it.

I wanted to be used.

Immediately we were in their truck. I was in the back making out with one of the men, on his lap and kissing him while he lifted up my skirt and fingered my pussy. He was rough, the ring on his finger bruising my clit again and again as I rutted against it.

“Hurry up, Dan. Like a bitch in heat.” He grinned as he suddenly bit my shoulder, marking me up. I moaned and arched up against him. Laughing, Dan sped just a little bit faster to their Airbnb.

But by the time we’d gotten to the stairs of where they were staying, Dan’s friend couldn’t wait anymore. “Fuck, let’s do her here. She’s fucking needy enough for it.”

Dan grabbed my neck and forced me down while his friend (whatever his name was), unzipped his pants and lifted my legs to fit around his hips. It didn’t take long before he pounded into me. I couldn’t quite get any breath as Dan pulled out his cock, too. He slid it into my throat, making me gag. Between the two of them, I’d wake up bruised and used the next morning, feeling our encounter in every muscle of my body.

But damn, if I didn’t love it.

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