True sex stories can sometimes be predicted.

True sex stories are always hot, but I really enjoyed what happened this past week. I decided I needed some new photos and I thought it would be fun if I had my boyfriend play photographer. It wasn’t exactly a surprise that the photo shoot got cut short when my boyfriend couldn’t focus on the job at hand anymore!

I started out wearing a black tank top and a pair of red panties. He gave me a few different poses to play around with. I had told him he was in charge, so he got to order me around for the shoot. In retrospect, this may have been a bad idea!

The tank top came off and we did a few more shots in my red bra and panties. After a few pictures, he had me climb on his couch and posed me, his hands lingering on my ass for much longer than a professional photographer would be allowed.

Next, the bra came off and I could see the bulge in my boyfriend’s pants was growing. He wasn’t going to be able to stay in photographer mode much longer. We did a few more shots and then the panties came off.

I think we got a total of one shot before he pulled my face toward him and shoved his cock right into my mouth. Oral sex stories are always the hottest, aren’t they?

I may need a real photographer.

“You know, this isn’t very professional,” I said, laughing as I slid my mouth back on his cock.

He climbed on top of me and pressed his cock against me, grinding his hips and moving it up and down my pussy lips.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and I whispered in his ear “Fuck me already.”

He did not have to be told twice. HIs hard cock slipped into my dripping wet pussy and he pounded my pussy hard until I came. He wanted to move to the bedroom then and he fucked me until I came again.  I told him I wanted him to fill my pussy up with his hot cum. It didn’t take long for him to do just that.


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