I truly enjoy sharing true sex stories; they make me hot while divulging all the naughty details.   One of my sweet little subs thought that it would be wonderful to tip his mistress.   Since yesterday was my day off, I decided to use it to get some much-needed pampering.   After getting my manicure and pedicure, I drove home for an appointment for a much-needed body massage.

True sex stories always make me wet.

As I share my story with you now I can feel my pussy getting wet all over again.  When I got to my house I showered and got dressed in my string bikini, so that the masseuse would be able to massage all over without the interference of clothes.  Hearing the car coming down the driveway, I quickly put on my robe and went to open the door.  I was pleasantly surprised when a handsome well-built man stood before me.   He flashed a million-dollar smile, sticking his hand out to greet me.  He introduced himself as Kirk my masseuse for the night.  I shook his hand, introduced myself and invited him in.  Bringing in his Massage table and large duffle bag he followed me inside.   He wanted to know where to set up, so I directed him to my bedroom where I had already set a few things up.

I can’t wait to feel his strong hands all over me!

Wanting the mood to be relaxing,  I dimmed the lights and lit several lavender/vanilla candles, while slow sultry music played on the surround sound.  I watched him as he set up his workstation with several exotic oils for my body.  Getting more and more excited I couldn’t wait for him to put his strong hands all over me.  He handed me a towel and told me to get undress. Without even hesitating I removed my bikini and wrapped the towel around me.   Kirk offered his hand to help me on the table and then begin my massage.

His hands were like magic, loosening all the pinned up energy and relaxing me totally.  As he stood in front of me massaging my arms, hands, and fingertips.  Seeing that very large erection he was sporting, I was very turned on.   I couldn’t help but call him on it.   He was so embarrassed, I assured him I was not upset but wanting a happy ending.  He flashed that sexy smile again, then proceeds to work his way down to my ebony ass.  Spreading my ass cheeks apart, he massages my clit with his thumbs while licking and sucking my asshole.   My pussy started making her own exotic oils.

Yes, fuck me!

After making me cum with those magic fingers and tongue, I had to feel that dick.  Sliding his hard cock over my wanting pussy, I was almost to the point of begging him to slide it in.  He asked if I wanted that that dick and I screamed: “YES, FUCK ME!”  That’s when he slid all 9” of that thick cock into my ebony pussy and began to fuck me.  He gave me that big cock all night long until we were both fucked out and exhausted.

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