True sex stories & have I really done any of the things I have blogged about or even half of them?

I can personally vouch that more than half my blogs are based on reality and sure I throw a twist in there time to time. More often than not I try to stick as close to the story as I can. I hate having to remember what parts I may have embellished.

This next blog is about something far tamer and real. It isn’t always balls smashing against assholes and girls cheating on their men with that huge black guy from work. Sometimes it’s a guy just like you, average and totally perfect in his imperfect way. He isn’t magazine or celebrity sexy. He has a bit of extra weight and possibly his hair is thinning.

All I saw in Graham was a genuine want to be with me. The way he looked at me and made me feel wanted in more ways than just sex. You’re not here to read about the fluff though, are you?

One of my favorite true sex stories begins with Graham showing me how a man can take his time and quite literally worship a woman’s body. He knew I did phone sex and unlike others, he didn’t judge me. In fact, he laughed about how he used to call and get guided masturbation just to change it up a bit.

His tongue would tease my pussy for what seemed ages. I always thought I preferred fast and furious sex. Like a wicked flick with the tongue and hard finger blasting. Oh, how wrong I was! Softly, almost like he hadn’t touched my pussy at all.

Drove my body wild with need. When he finally would lavish my pussy with his mouth I would have tears. I know I know, sounds fucking sappy, the man could lick pussy all day and not get tired or bored! When we had sex, I realized he didn’t fuck like most guys. He did this grinding motion into me. It was the first time a cock had ever found my g-spot.

The best true sex stories always have a passion like this in them!

Graham rubbed the head of his throbbing cock over and over again against my once-hidden spot. I clawed and begged for him to give over to my plea. I wanted my orgasm and I was willing to do anything for it. He asked for nothing though.

I had never been fucked so damn good. My orgasm splashed out onto his belly just as he took his. Hmm, that also hadn’t happened. A guy holding his cum until the very moment I came. I knew he was a keeper when he showed how unselfish he was as a lover.

I broke up with Graham some months later when he moved too far away. Once in a while, I have hot phone sex with him!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke