Anal play is a very delicate talent that you must perfect. When I was dating Mark I knew I was going to pop his ass cherry.

One weekend we’d had a little too much to drink. When we got home clothing hit the floor faster than I could get the front door shut. We stumbled into his bedroom and onto the bed. I pulled myself on top of him on purpose. Tonight, I’m in charge!

Our tongues danced together as we kissed and touched each other. I could feel his cock poking at my lips so I sat straight back. We both gasped relishing in the pleasure. I couldn’t ride him long though; I was craving his ass way too much!

Throwing my leg off of him, his cock slipped out and he immediately started to beg for me to get back on. Instead, I straddled his face as sat my pussy on his mouth. Shoving his dick down my throat, I grabbed his thighs for leverage. That gave me perfect access to try some anal play. I leaned down further and started to lick his rim.  Fuck he tasted so good! I don’t know what it is but his ass was delicious!

He quickly stopped eating me out and just sat there. He never pushed me away or told me to stop which is good. Running my tongue around his rim slowly at first, but then I started to pick up speed. His tongue met my pussy again, all my juice dripping out onto him. He started to move his tongue the way I was licking his ass. I knew he’d never tried anal before so I wanted to go slow.

After we tongue fucked each other for a while, I started to rub his ass with my finger. I spit onto his asshole and then slowly inserted my finger. He again stopped moving but didn’t stop me. My tongue still playing, I began finger fucking him. My tits pushed against his cock, I felt it begin to throb. Was I going to make him cum without even stroking him? Fuck yeah that’s hot! I went faster and was soon rewarded with his sticky cum all over my chest.

Licking his ass one more time I pulled my finger out. What a treat we’d been able to give each other! I popped his anal cherry and he got the time of his life! That’s a win-win situation in my book!

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