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True sex stories are so much better than a fantasy that may probe a dirty mind. A slut’s true calling is making cock cream anywhere and everywhere. My daddy is a real freak to the bone. As a result, Daddy’s Princess takes after her pops. Together with time, he has molded me into his sidekick and heathen. Daddy spoiling me was the best thing ever. Yes, this tease did enjoy making daddies cock jump in all places. Anyone with eyes could see what a tease this naughty teen could be. My focus has and will always be to get my hands on what I want. A shopping spree at the mall is a treat for both daddy and princess. Wearing nothing but a mini skirt, a tight black crop top, and no bra was enough to raise daddy’s blood pressure.

Cock tease craves complete control

Anything that can make him weak is what will subsequently have me winning in all areas. Being a spoiled brat comes naturally. Outsmarting is easy when you have what brings men to their knees.  A seductive smile, a sexy spinner body, and charm and naughtiness girls twice my age can’t seem to hold. True sex stories happen to be my daddy’s favorite to read up on whenever he has time. Public sex is another one among the absolute favorites. Mine don’t differ; my likes align quite perfectly. My mind was in deep thought about all the cute outfits with my name all over them. I have an insatiable appetite for jizz which comes from being given such a high supply from daddy. Ever since I can remember, he has trained me to be his little cum guzzling girl.

Keeping them in a trance

A mouth full of nut sauce makes him want to pounce my pretty pink pussy all day and night. Getting daddy ready to go day and night is what it is all about.  We went to each store and got everything that happens to grab my attention. My wants come first. As soon as I hit the budget, all I have to do is give daddy a look, and I know it is raises instantly. Once I have broken the bank, I make daddy submit to my wants by merely rubbing up against him and getting the party started down his pants. Cute sales associates were watching us from a distance. I liked the attention and smiled. I surely knew how to turn up the volume.

That plastic credit card had no limit

I had daddy follow me into the dressing room. I had a few bikinis to try on and wanted him to see. The best thing about living in a warm temperature climate year-round is the ability to wear bikinis year long.  Bikini-clad sluts make true sex stories out of everything. Smiling at him, I knew I had him melting. I control things so quickly. It is with no surprise I am the most favored among my siblings. My ability to make daddy bust comes without effort. My hands find his cock. Feeling him up with my hands and stroking up and down till he is precumming all over my hands.  Daddy knows I have been trained exceptionally well because I won’t stop till my hands,  mouth, and face are drenched and covered with all that creamy yummy cum.  A quickie in the dressing room is never passed up.

A need not a want

Daddy needs my holes and me teasing him all day with my hot outfits, and shopping has him ready to lose it, and he needs to feel my teen slit and bum. I give it up because there is nothing like feeling his big thick dick pushing through me. My Daddy knows how to please me. None of the boys my age can fuck me quite as hard and as well as he can. Getting away with slipping grades and being wrong is not too hard when you have all the men under your spell. From my daddy to the dean at school, I can make every situation favor me.  Staying close to home has its perks. My distance is far enough to have campus fun, but never too far to miss out on some family bonding.

A family affair at its finest

My brothers and cousins and uncles all love when I come over for some quality time with them. Being that I am daddy’s princess, I have to show him the most attention and keep him the happiest. Truly the definition of a daddy’s girl is what I am. My sisters can’t compete, nor my mom. Wrapped around my finger, I have him, and I will forever get all the shopping sprees and endless attention

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