True sex stories are always the naughtiest…

True sex stories are my favorite ones to tell. I could spin different little kink stories for you, but the naughtiest will be the ones that really happened! For example, the time I played with my boyfriend’s dad is by far one of my favorites. He was the head of his fraternity ‘back in the day’, and his son had just pledged, congratulations to him. He decided he would set up a typical frat house party as a commemorative birthday party for his dad. I helped with set up, so, I got to stick around for his old man to show up!

I’d never seen my boyfriend’s dad before, and fuck was he attractive.

He had college girls around him, all happy to do lines, take shots, flash their tits, and everything you could dream of. I was the little tease that caught him by surprise though. This quickly turned into one of my favorite true sex stories because I couldn’t resist him, I had to take him on! I started flirting and sticking around him like all the other sluts, making sure my boyfriend didn’t catch wind of it.

Soon enough, he was wrapped around my finger and following his pretty little teen slut upstairs. I had him all to myself in one of the guest rooms, and I couldn’t hold back! I pushed him on the bed and climbed on top, having made sure to lock the door and mute my phone. The last thing I needed was his son’s name popping up on my phone. One day he’d know what a little slut I was, but for the night, I was his juicy teen piece of ass, and god, I wanted his cock so bad.

Come play with me.

Taboo Phone sex with Kali

Fetish phone sex is my specialty, baby. Come play with a little seductress that knows how to tease.