Some toe-loving lesbian sex stories…

Lesbian sex stories are not really something I tell often! So, my roommate in college was a pretty little green-eyed blonde. I’ve told a lot of stories about her! A cute little firecracker that I made out with and 69’d. I think I played with her more than I played with my male fuck buddies one year! Luckily for all you toe-loving boys, you get to learn the big secret. She had a major foot fetish, and at first, of course, I thought it was weird. It’s one of my favorite college sex stories to tell. Despite it being new, she really grew on me, and soon I was showing off my heels for her all the time. I was always wearing stilettos, whether pointed, square, or peep-toe. She loved coming home after her afternoon classes to find me wearing them as I got ready to go out. She found all the parties, and I dressed up for her every time.

I loved playing with that little slut.

It was a fun symbiotic relationship.. especially when we got home, drunk and high, and wanted nothing more than to kiss and make out with each other. My favorite lesbian sex stories all involve her and how well she used her tongue. She’d get in all the right places, whether she was licking my pussy or my toes! And I swore I saw stars whenever we were 69’ing and she managed to hit my g-spot and my clit. I did my best to return the favors… I’d wear all her favorite heels and outfits for the entire week if she got me to cum like that! It was really an adventure being her roomie, and I still play with her now sometimes. What can I say? Once you get a little bi-curious, there’s no going back. I love to go a little slutty for the girl on girl action.

Come play with me.

Taboo Phone sex with Kali

Fetish phone sex is my specialty, baby. Come play with a little seductress that knows how to tease..