True Sex Stories: My Boyfriend Took EVERYTHING I Gave Him

True sex stories are always hot as fuck! I’ve written quite a few blogs over the years and the true sex stories are always the ones that seem to get my pussy soaked! Add in a little cum eating and whew!!! Here is one that I’ve been meaning to write for awhile.

My boyfriend had just gotten out of the shower and was lying in bed naked. I walked into the room and started to undress. His eyes never left me as I stripped off each piece of clothing. In true Brooke fashion, I started turning it into a little sexual tease. It worked too. His cock started twitching and hardening before my eyes. This just served to make my mouth water for it.

I crawled up the bed right between his legs and slowly licked my way from his balls to the tip of his cock. Licking my way back down his shaft I ran my tongue around his balls and continued my way down. As I pressed my tongue to his taint his legs jumped a little but I didn’t stop there. His puckered little asshole was begging for some attention too. Rimming his asshole with my tongue I then started working my way back up his cock. I had just been reading some true sex stories and my pussy was already soaked and I was feeling very naughty.

His ass was wet with my spit already so I started to gently tease it with my finger as I stroked and sucked his cock.

I devoured it like it was a big juicy steak and I hadn’t eaten in days. Once I had my fill of him in my mouth I reached beside the bed and grabbed my vibrator. Straddling him reverse with my feet against the bed I squatted down over him until the head of his cock was prodding my dripping pussy. I removed his hand from his dick. Then I slowly started working my pussy up and down taking him a little deeper each time.

Once I had him buried fully inside of me I sat down on him and moved so I was now kneeling instead of squatting. I took the vibrator and started lubing it up. He thought it was going to be for my clit as usual. Instead I had him spread his legs a little so I could place the tip of it on his puckered asshole. I started to grind my pussy on his cock as I worked the vibrator deeper and deeper inside of him. His moans of pleasure only drove me to do more.

I turned the vibration up more and began really fucking him. I angled it so that the end was down toward the bed and the tip was pointed up at his cock from the inside. Knowing damn well that that’s the best way to hit his prostate. My pussy tightened around him as I rode harder and faster on his cock. With the vibrator massaging his prostate with every stroke I could tell he was getting close to cumming. When I started to orgasm he could feel me squirting all over his dick. There was so much that it ran down his balls to the vibrator that I was fucking his ass with.

There is nothing better than true sex stories.

This was enough to send him over the edge but he knew better than to cum without my permission. He was begging me to let him shoot his pent up load. As I came down from my orgasm with my pussy still pulsing around his cock I finally gave him the go ahead. He filled my pussy with stream after stream of his seed. As soon as his cock began to settle I slid my pussy from his dick and straddled his face. I sat down on his mouth and made him lick up every drop of his cum from my just fucked pussy! Once I felt like he had me all cleaned up I moved to the side and gave him a great big kiss. I love getting to taste my sweet pussy mixed with his salty cum on his mouth!

I hope you enjoy my true sex stories as much as I love getting to write about them! Give me a call for some naughty adult chat time. I’ll tell you some more of my experiences or maybe you can share some of your own true sex stories with me!

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