My best friend Mike and I have been friends for a really long time so we decided to add in some benefits when we need them.  We are pretty open with sharing our fantasies with each other and every once in awhile we will try to fulfill them too, depending on what they are.  One night we were having some drinks and watching a porno when Mike says to me, “You know what I would like to try, but don’t think I really have it in me to do?”  “What’s that?” I ask.  He looks down sheepishly and says, “I want to taste my own cum.  I’ve thought about it before.  It gets me really turned on but when the moment actually arrives to do it, I chicken out and get kind of disgusted with myself for even thinking about it.”  “Really?” I ask.  “What made you want to try that?”  “Well,” he replies, “I’ve seen it on a few of the movies that we have watched and it just turned me on.”  “Hmm, sounds like something that we should try then.” I say as I smile at him from across the couch.

I don’t want him to be prepared for it when it happens because I know he will over think it all and chicken out.  So, I waited about two weeks.  One night we were fucking like crazy.  Both of us were extremely turned on after having a few drinks with some other friends.  He had me bent over with my face in a pillow screaming like crazy as he pounded into my dripping wet pussy!  After fucking for awhile, we switched positions to where I was riding him, sliding my wet hole up and down his nice hard cock.  I told him I wanted him to fill my fucking pussy with all of his cum.  This isn’t an unusual request so he didn’t think anything of it.  I felt his dick growing harder inside of me as I rode him faster and faster.  I was getting closer too.  I rode him harder and faster until my cum started squirting out of me all over his dick, balls, down his stomach and onto the bed.  As my pussy started to contract around his long hard member it sent him over the edge.  He started pumping load after load of that hot sticky cum of his all up inside of me.  Just as he finished I quickly climbed up his body and sat directly on his face.


“MMM yeah baby!!”  Lick that sloppy cunt clean!” I said as his mouth finally found my dripping pussy.  “You LOVE the taste of our cum mixed together don’t you?  This is what you’ve been craving, lick it all up!    I want you to suck EVERY drop of that cum out of my pussy!  Eat that cream pie!” I tell him.  As I say this I squeeze my pussy muscles tight and force out more of his cum into his mouth.  At first he starts to gag on it a little, but then he grabs my ass and starts tongue fucking my dirty, cum filled hole, licking out as much cum as he can get.  This turned me on so much that I ended up squirting my cum into his open mouth.  Like a good boy, he cleaned all of that up too!



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