True sex stories are far hotter to write because all I do is think about what went on that fateful night.

Sometimes I will find myself in a predicament and do it just so I have hot true sex stories to share with you when I do phonesex. If you haven’t checked out my preliminary blog about fucking a BBC with my Dom present, I highly suggest you read it first. It’s like sex therapy for me to tell you about it since I can’t tell friends haha!

I had nothing going on this past Saturday night and texted AJ; my new friend with the huge BBC. He was thrilled to hear I was down to hook up sooner than expected. In the thick of my nerves, I texted my Dom and told him my plans.

My Dom had no plans either since they fell through. I was surprised to hear he wanted to come along. He said he wanted to present me to AJ. Obviously, the idea of him coming along for the first time gave me anxiety, but I wanted him to call the shots. What I wanted was not to matter. This is how I get into ‘sub-mode’

After we all met up and had some drinks, we went back to AJ’s place. I was kneeling on the edge of the bed, my Dom kissed me and asked if I was ready to be a good little whore for AJ. Blushing, I said yes. He told me to go to AJ and kiss him.

True sex stories I share with you are NOT made up. I get a thrill sharing my private sex life & roleplaying them out.

AJ kissed me with his thick full lips and grabbed my ass hard. My Dom just sat smiling and watching. The hungry hands pawed at my belt until he had it open. His hands yanked my pants half down so he could cup each cheek and pull me tighter to his hard-on I felt between us.

His lips touched everywhere until I heard my Dom instruct me to take AJ’s shirt off. This man is built! Smooth dark skin, covered in tattoos. Not gonna lie, I was nervous! Before I could reach for AJ’s belt, he pushed me back on the bed and tore the rest of my jeans and panties off.

I covered my face in pure embarrassment. My Dom sat next to my head while AJ’s tongue probed my pussy. Sir slapped my face and told me to stop it. He told me to look at him. Between moaning from pleasure and feeling the fire of embarrassment at enjoying AJ, my Dom just smiled and said: “That’s my good little slut.”

If you liked where things started off, stay tuned for part 2 of my true sex stories or

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