True Confessions of a Sissy Boy

I had a dream last night about my very first sissy boy.  I can’t stop thinking about it and how much fun we had together.  He was, and still is, such a good little sissy bitch.  I want to tell you about the first time we played and the first time he loved to be a sissy.  Hold on to your seats, this is a true story.

This isn’t a guy I talk to on the phone with Phone Sex.  No, no, he is my real life sexy doll.  He came in to the strip club I was working at and asked for a private session.  Up until that point, I had guys ask for all kinds of things, but never anything like this.  He asked me to take him home, dress hi up, and pimp him out.

Luckily for us both he was a feminine male so the feminization process was relatively easy.

He waited til my shift was over and met me at my apartment.  I pulled out all the stops for him.  Hair, makeup, heels, sexy dress, you name it.  He really did look like a girl!  I remember being so excited to take him out.  Our first stop was a bar.  He picked up some guys, got them to but us drinks, and got himself loosened up.

Next, we headed to one of those seedy adult book stores to get the party really started.  I took him to one of the booths in the back and let him get undressed down to his bra and panties.  The guys flocked to him.  He sucked so much cock that night I lost count.  He wasn’t ready to get fucked yet, but that was okay.  He’s just a baby sissy after all.

We still go out and have fun together to this day.  Taking him out always gives me this rush that I can’t get anywhere else.  My little girl is a full blow cock hungry slut now!

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