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Truck Stop Special is going to be my day deal. I love getting to help others around the community in different ways. Many would see an opportunity to donate food or clothes but I see it a bit different. My community service is sometimes going down to the local truck stops and servicing overworked men. Pleasing them is a good way to give back. I am here and offering them half off to fuck my holes. The first man I see takes my deal. We climb into his so spacious truck. I lean over and undo his pants and start to suck his big fat rod into my throat. His package is about ten inches and I can tell he has kept his load in his balls for way too long. His pre-cum is gushing into my mouth with each suck and tug to the tip of his head.

My mouth finally gets a heaping wad of creamy sticky nut.

Holding my head down and overfills my mouth with his hot nectar. He is telling me that he has not cum in about a month! He introduces me to three other truckers. They are just as eager to take me up on my deal. They however want to play all together. My Truck Stop Special is really getting off the ground now! One takes my mouth why the other two hop behind me. When my mouth parts open to suck him down my throat my pussy immediately gets sloppy wet. The second cock enters my pussy hole and is followed my the third in my tight pink puckered ass hole. I go back and forth with their cocks plunging into me. They stretch me open so wide. Every time that cock in my throat goes down my tonsils and back out of my mouth.

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Six, eight, and ten more guys huddle around to take part in my Truck Stop Special offer. They are hornier than ever and need a good cum before hitting the road. I’m happy to take all of their seeds. I stay on my hands and knees offering up my holes. I do feel myself getting stretched all the way open. My pussy is cumming over and over non-stop with each cock that slides into my hungry little sloppy wet fuck holes. I even am so loving having their hot nectar all over me.

I’m so happy I gave back to the community and helped those cocks that do not usually have a hole to fuck open. I am glad I go to lend my holes out!

This truck stop special has been insanely sexy! It is just as good as the time I had backyard outside sex! There is not much better than getting my holes fucked and pumped open by bunches of cum filled dicks!

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