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My milkshakes really do bring all the boys to the yard. Here I am sitting outside basking in the beautiful sun working on my crispy tone tan. I have a skimpy white string bikini someone who clings to the most inmate parts that I have. I close my eyes as I untie my top and bottoms. My mind, of course, is jumping to all the most naughty thoughts that I desire so desperately. The heat is beating right down on my barley covered nipples and they are hard and erected. I also can feel the warmth from the sun beating right down on my clit and pussy lips through this delicate fabric. I want so badly for my pussy to get pounded while having some backyard outside sex. My body slowly relaxes and I drift off to sleep. As I awake, I see about four of my neighbors.

They are all enjoying beers and chatting and gawking at me.

I feel more breeze then I did before. Looking down I see my pussy and nipples exposed. I guess the wind blew it or maybe I tossed over when I was taking a nap. I sit up and the boys do not budge. Getting a clearer look at them there is about eight of them. I look at them all deviously and drunk off the sun and my dirty thoughts “Do your wifes all know that you are gone.” We chuckle and I do not bother covering up my body. “So what’s up? You guys just going to look at me or you going to pounce on me so that we can have some naughty backyard outside sex?” They all make a cheer to one another and I hurry up and pull this bikini off of me and throw it on the floor. They all take out their cocks.

I’m on awe how they hold their beers in one and unleash their cocks out to play with me so fast and so easily.

Plopping myself up on my hands and knees I open my mouth and spread my holes. I know good whores like me need to be ready for those deprived monsters. The first one, about eleven inches and so girthy slides right inside of my mouth. The others take part stretching my pussy and spitting on my ass hole, getting ready to fuck mine in half. These cocks look so good jerking all in my face. Before I know it while having backyard outside sex they are trying to stuff multiple cocks in one hole. Fuck! All of a sudden we hear one of the wives screaming looking for her husband. Their motion stops and we get quiet. As her voice fades away they go back to shoving themselves balls deep inside of me and this time fucking me harder and deeper. I keep squirting over and over again.

I want and need their cum loads so badly!

I’m going to get soaked and covered! “Give me your hot loads boys.” Two of them blast off in my mouth and all over my face. Some of the overs have their cocks rubbing up against one another inside my tight but now gapping open holes. I can tell they like the feeling of their cocks rubbing up against one another while inside my holes. Those ridges and veins are squeezed together in my fuck holes. I start asking if they like that. As soon as I do, they start busting their loads inside of me covering one another in their cream. Each cock I do my duty to clean them up. They come up to my face so I can suck them dry and clean.

So this Backyard Outside Sex was fucking insane and hot as shit. I would give these men all my holes all over again. It will be my contribution to society. This reminds me of the time that I had a hot boy threesome.

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