I got the perfect sticky sweet treat story for your Halloween delight.
My boyfriend always works late on Halloween I just stay home and give out candy to the ones that trick or treat, but this time I got treat myself that came knocking on my door. My treat was a thick 9 inch big black cock with a cock head that was perfectly round and juicy, looks and taste so good. He knocked on the door, said he needed to borrow a phone I think he was just trying to get in my panties but I just couldn’t resist anyways. I let him we exchanged hellos, he formally introduced himself and I handed him my phone to use.

I offered him a seat and some candy from the bowl while he sat down and we got to know each other better it was the least I could do for a new neighbor. The more we talked the closer he would scoot towards me, then before you know it he was next to me with his hand on my leg. His intentions at this point were completely clear. I put my hand on his leg in return, leaned forward touched my lips against his and made my intentions completely clear. He grabbed me off the couch and pulled me onto him straddle him, he grabbed my juicy tits and squeezed why I grinded against him. He took off my clothes laid me on my bed and began licking my pussy lips then sucking softly on one pussy lip at time. I got so wet so turned on.

Then he slid his tongue right inside my tight little ass stretching my ass with his tongue. When he came back up to suck my nipples I felt his hard throbbing cock pressing against me. He took his cock out and rubbed in against my lips then slipped it into my mouth as if he was my own personal chocolate sweet treat. After I soaked his cock with my mouth he slid it right into my ass he wasted no pushing it right on it. I guess he had a bit of an ass fetish. Then I felt him release a big load into my ass now I have a little surprise in my panties. I’m sure my boyfriend will just love it it will be quite trick and tasty treat for him to taste.

Kinky Kelsey