Trick or threat sex Eve style.

Trick or treat sex was my plan. The victim was my friend Ally’s husband, Ricky. Ricky is a very sexy man full of tattoos. Ally is a trophy wife. They are the type of couple that is all about appearance. The only flaw in this marriage is Ricky was born blind. After numerous surgeries as a young child, it was determined that he will never be able to regain his sight. On Halloween night Ally got called into work. She is an emergency room nurse. Ricky was going to home alone all night. Ally had called me and said she couldn’t get a hold of Ricky and wanted to know if I would go check on him and make sure he was ok.

My intention was not to have a trick or treat sex but when I got there things changed.

As I walked into the house I noticed his phone on the dining room table and noticed the light shining through from underneath the bedroom door. I knocked on the bedroom door and said “trick or treat” pushing it open. There lays Ricky on the bed completely naked stroking his hard cock. I wasn’t sure what to do at that point. He then asked me why I was home so early.

Does he think I am Ally?

He doesn’t know it’s me? He continues to stroke that hard cock of his. This is where my trick or treat sex pops into my mind. He can’t see me so I will just try not to talk. I walk over to him and whisper that I have a treat for him. Kissing his sexy lips and running my hands all over that sexy ass body of his.

Wrapping my hand around his thick hard cock is making my pussy so wet.

His wandering hands were all over me as well. Caressing my pussy he noticed my pussy was waxed completely clean. Ally has a landing strip that I forgot about. Oops. Trick or treat sex is now in the 69 positions. My pussy is grinding his face as I deep throat his cock. His hands-on my ass and pulling me tighter into him makes my pussy juice drip out of me. My clit begins to throb and his dick is rock hard as he orders me to get on all fours.

I do as I am told.

Trick or treat sex is the best trick I could have ever planned. The head of his cock is rubbing up and down from my clit to my asshole. Ricky is such a tease. I want him to fuck me hard and deep with that enormous hard dick. I beg him to shove it in and make me his little cum whore. With one quick movement, his thick hard cock penetrated my already wet pussy. Wow, this trick or treat sex is amazing. He flipped me over and crawled up between my legs and lifted them in the air.

He was pounding my pussy so hard his balls were slapping against my ass.

Reaching in the nightstand he grabbed for Ally’s silver bullet and rubbed my clit with it. His hard cock pounding my pussy and the vibration from the silver bullet made my legs go weak and my whole body began to shake as I felt my pussy ready to explode. I tried to scream but before I could he grabbed a handful of my hair and kissed me so passionately.

The minute I felt his dick start to throb I squirted all over him and the bed.

I then felt his warm creamy cum fill my pussy. Trick or treat sex has to be the best sex I have had in forever. Do I tell him now who I am or do I keep this trick or treat sex a secret? This is the exact moment that I heard the bedroom door creak open and Ally’s voice asking what the fuck is going on in my bedroom. We were caught red-handed. Both of us laying there naked right next to the huge wet spot I made.

Now, what do I do?

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