Lesbian sex weekend is about to start.

Lesbian sex weekend it is now time for the shenanigans to begin. I found a retreat for a lesbian sex weekend that I wanted to go to this. I did not want to go alone. Hmmm… What to do? I am going to ask my friend Cynthia to go with me. Knowing that she will not want to go to a lesbian sex weekend so I have to get creative. Now to be honest neither Cynthia nor I am lesbians but we do like to have fun with other females. So I guess you could say we are bisexuals.

Upon reading the brochure online there are a lot of spa activities.

The light bulb went off inside my head Change lesbian sex weekend to girls spa weekend. I cut and pasted bits and pieces of the brochure to show her. Yes, I am that devious. Cynthia was excited to go when she saw the list of activities. They included massages, mani, and pedi, facials, they have a full-service hair salon. Also, offering chemical peels and botox. After seeing all of this she couldn’t say no.

Operation trick Cynthia into a lesbian sex weekend is now complete.

I set it all up and the next weekend came and we were headed off to our surprise trip. Upon arrival, we checked in and were assigned to our rooms. Right away I got a text from Cynthia. It read What the hell kind of room is this? The room had a king-sized with restraints in the nightstand was a brand new strap-on and various other toys.

The main level of the retreat area was a pool and hot tub sitting alongside a fireplace and big comfy couches.

They also had an outdoor pool and hot tub with a fire pit. This place is gorgeous. Now it is time to tell Cynthia that the spa weekend is really a lesbian sex weekend. She took it better than I thought. Night one is a meet and greet. We all had dinner in the main dining room. Assigned seating made it easier to meet random females. I sat next to a girl named Sandra. Sandra is a 40-year-old bisexual that likes to experiment. She is very pretty and has nice boobs.

All of you boys know that I love boobs on a girl.

We talked until the early morning hours. As the sun came up we went to breakfast. She was assigned to another table this morning. Now I sat next to a girl named Tiffany. Tiffany was pretty and very nice but I could not stop thinking about Sandra. I knew that I wanted to spend more time to get to know her. Hoping that she feels the same about me made me a little nervous. After breakfast, she found me at the pedicure salon. She proceeded to ask me if I want to get a coffee after my pedicure. Of course, I replied yes.

I felt like a schoolgirl that just got asked out on a date for the first time ever.

After spending the whole day together we ended up in my room. Sandra leaned over and kissed me. Her lips were so soft and when they touched mine it sent chills down my spine. I was ready to surrender myself to her. Undressing me made my pussy so wet. Taking my hand and walking me over to the bed made my legs wobble.

I was kind of nervous and I’m not sure why.

Laying next to me we began to kiss passionately. Her hand traveled down my body and made its way to my clit. I kissed my way down to her full breasts. Sucking on her nipples and caressing her boobs. I was in heaven. Pushing my head away from her boobs she worked her head down in between my legs.

I was so ready to explode before she even licked my clit I knew that I was not going to last long.

I came before we even got the strap-on. We saved that for the next night. She made me her pillow princess that weekend. As the lesbian sex weekend ended we kissed goodbye and she took my panties as a souvenir. I think she might have a panty sniffer fetish. It is now time for the weekend to end and get back to work. I am now horny and want to talk fetish phone sex. Do you? Call me.

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