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Panty sniffer fetish story of a young underage boy whose dreams came true. This story is from my college years and how I corrupted a young boy. My college roommate asked me one day if it was ok if her brother came and stayed with us one weekend at the dorm. He wanted to see what it was like to live a college life. I told her that would be perfectly fine with me. I figured he was a high school kid and wanted to party with the college girls. On the day her brother was to arrive we made sure the dorm room was completely clean because his mom was bringing him up.

When they walked into the room I was quite shocked.  He was no more than jr high age.

OK, so we would be babysitting this weekend was my first thought. Once his mom left he told his sister Sue that he smuggled two bottles of tequila and an eighth of weed from his parent’s bar before he left. Now I have a little more faith in this weekend than I did at the beginning. Night one, Drinking and smoking weed. I was so drunk and high that I had a dream that Sues brother Thomas was sniffing my panties while I slept. Dreaming that this little boy had a panty sniffer fetish made me laugh. It was so funny to me then I noticed it looked like someone had gone through my panty drawer.

Could it have really happened?

No. It was unbelievable, he was just a kid. Well, he did steal tequila and weed from his parents before he got here. Sue had a late morning Saturday class that she could not miss. I told Thomas that I was going to run to the book store to grab a new composition book and I would be back shortly. He said he would be fine he had his phone to keep him company. Almost making it halfway to the book store I realized I forgot my ID, turning around and heading back to the room I went.

When I opened the door I got the shock of my life.

There was Thomas laying on my bed fulfilling his panty sniffing fetish. He was holding a pair of my dirty panties sniffing them while using another pair to jack off with. I startled him when I walked in. He apologized right away and I told him there was no need to. I then asked him if he wanted to sniff the pair I was wearing. He said yes. He definitely has a panty sniffer fetish.  Pushing him back on the bed I then dropped my shorts and straddled his young face. Listening to him take a deep breath and inhale my sent I began to grind my hips.

He kept smelling and moaning as he told me how good my panties smell.

Asking him how far he has ever gotten with a girl before he confessed that he has never even kissed a girl. We need to take this panty sniffing fetish to a whole new level. I grabbed that virgin cock and began to stroke it as I ordered him to lick the panties. I could feel his tongue on my clit through the panties. Leaning over I licked the lead of his cock and I thought he was going to explode right then and there. I kept grinding on his face and moved my panties to the side telling him to stick his tongue deep inside of me.

I wanted him to taste my juices fresh from my pussy.

Trying to push me off of him as he was yelling I am going to cum, I sucked his cock harder and deep throating it as he released his warm creamy cum down my throat. I sucked it until there was nothing left inside of him. This weekend has opened new doors for this panty sniffing fetish kid.

Thomas is already making plans to come back for another weekend next month.

This will be a weekend about fetishes vs fantasies for him. I am going to rock his world. If I didn’t already. He left with a souvenir of my panties of that Saturday afternoon. Also with my phone number for ageplay phone sex. Do you want to play a young boy that is taken advantage of by an older woman?

Call me I have no limits.

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