He was the CEO of a big company with an abundance of power at his fingertips.  All day he would make stiff demands and million dollar decisions.  He controlled his company and employees with a very stern hand.  Sometimes it’s all too much to handle.  He just wants a sexy mistress to dominate him.  As soon as he steps foot in my door all of his power is gone and I am in complete control.  Like a good boy he knows the rules and undresses at the door.  He walks in and sees me in all black leather holding a flogger.  He is instantly hard.  I snap my fingers and he obeys and kneels at my feet.  I lift my foot to rest it on his shoulder.  I take the flogger and gently lay it across his cheek to turn his head indicating he is to kiss my very high heeled thigh high boot all the way up until he reaches skin.  I grab a fist full of hair and shove his face into my beautiful pussy.  I make him lavish it.  I control where his tongue is, how hard he licks and sucks, and for how long.  I want it harder.  I make him lie on the floor and sit on his face.  I grind my hips on him as his tongue fucks my pussy and his nose is rubbing my clit.  I sit there depriving him of oxygen until I see fit to let him breathe again.  I rise up to let him take a few breaths then slam back on his face again fucking it so damn hard.  I can feel his mouth is beginning to tire so I reach behind me and give him a nice hard smack on his thigh with my flogger.  He is eating my sweet pussy so good now that I explode in his mouth.  He licks it all up and I ride out my orgasm on his face.

I order him to stand up and bend over the arm of the couch.  He doesn’t say yes mistress so I give him a hard smack on his ass with the flogger.  I did through my box of torcher and pull out the strap on.  I put it on and pour some lube in my hand.  I slide my fingers between his ass cheeks and insert one finger in his ass.  I massage it around getting him nice and loose for me.  Then in goes the second.  When he is still tight I whack him again.  Now both cheeks are a beautiful shade of red.  He begins to relax as I wiggle my fingers around and work them in and out.  When I feel he is ready I take my dildo and run it between his ass cheeks a few times before I slam it into his asshole.  He lets out a muffled scream so I slap his ass again harder this time.  I grab his hips and begin fucking him.  I love the way my hips move.  It feels so good to pound that ass!  To be in total control turns me on so fucking much.  In and out I go faster and deeper.  He holds back for as long as I let him then as soon as I say cum he lets go and it just flows out.  I am so fucking turned on right now.  I need another release but as part of his training he cannot be the one to give it to me right now.  Who will make me scream out my next orgasm?  Will it be you?  Call Brandi now!


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