Achingly Tortured

Hello my lovely gentlemen. As you all know, I am generally the most kind, kinky, and submissive phone whore around, however, there are always exceptions. Usually those exceptions happen when mother nature comes by for Aunt Flows monthly visit. When it gets particularly bad, I transform into a stark raving Bitch on Wheels that is horny enough to take on the entire British Empire….twice! When I was a full time Dom, my clients would relish these days, as I could be particularly cruel and menacing, and they loved every wicked second.

I have been good for a long time, but one of my good friends, Robert, recently pushed me over my limit, and in return I pushed him almost past his. He has told me of some of his wild adventures as a pussy sub, from being flown to a secret location to be gang raped by BBC, to being used as a pet. He insisted there was nothing I could do to him that he wouldn’t enjoy or surprise him. I must say, I LOVE a challenge! For this one, it took a little planning, and some help. I decided to bring my dear friend Renee, a gorgeous BBW that exudes sexuality, and is as good with a stiletto as she is with her tongue.

We are as close as sisters, and as you know, when two women spend that much time together, they tend to sych up everything- including their cycles. so, poor Rob had no idea what he was fucking with when he agreed to a vacation in Miami, on our timetable. I think he got his first chill when we showed up to meet him at the airport, and I hugged him while she collared him-right there at baggage claim, and I put the leash on to bring him to the car.

We must have been a sight- me in a latex Jade Green bodysuit, and Renee in a Hot Pink corset with her enormous tits billowing out, and a gap for her tummy to hang free, 6″ heels and a pair of shorts so small, if the button popped off it would have been more deadly than a bullet fired from a gun.

When we got to the car, I dropped the top, and moved the seat so Robert could get in the back. He paused, as the back seat was lined with dildos and toys. I explained that he had to pick one, Insert it with no lube, and sit on it as we drove. He said no problem, and I cracked him across his jaw with a closed fist and my huge engagement ring that cut his cheek. Now Robert is not a small man- actually he is a gorgeous Ebony man, 6’3″, 185 lbs of pure muscle. But he realized his error, and looked down, said “No problem Mistress”. I told him better, and pulled his pants down to his knees. He had no knickers on and his huge cock shot out. I pushed him into the backseat, shoved a nice 8″ dildo up his ass, Renee blindfolded him, and we got in the front. Renee reached under her seat, and got this smaller leash out, reached back and attached it under the head of his cock, and a huge weight to his nut sack. We then raised the top and drove off.

Being well known in the kink scene in this town, I had access to virtually anything and everything I wanted. One of my friends gave me full use of his dungeon for the weekend. It was actually in the keys- almost a private Island between Marathon and Key West. There was nothing around, so it was a perfect place to torture someone- I know because I had tortured and been tortured there many glorious nights myself, and now I had a chance to get out some built up stress.

When we got there, Renee led him by the cock leash and I led him by his neck collar. On our way up the long secluded drive, we sometimes walked different directions, or made him walk over the sharp gravel barefoot. He had no clue if we were private or in the middle of Calle Ocho, and he was nervous, but hard as hell. He also didn’t know which way to turn when she dragged his cock to the right and I pulled his throat to the left. We played tug of war til we could see little rivulets of crimson around his cock head, and just as she let up the pressure, our boy came all over the lawn. Before I could, Renee asked who the hell gave him permission to cum, and kicked him square in the balls. I followed with a yank down of his collar. When he bent over in pain, she kicked out the back of his knees to the gravel, and I rubbed his face in the wet grass where he had cum.

While I rubbed his face in the dirt, Renee went back to the car, and took out one of the larger dildos- it almost looked like a traffic cone, as it was red, about 18″ long, and went from about 3″ at the head, to 8″ at the base. She stood behind him, spit on it, took the smaller one out, and shoved this in as far as she could. We could almost hear him splitting open, and loved it. She used her considerable weight (300+ lbs.), and shoved it about half way in, took it out, and rammed another inch or two in. It was covered in shit and blood, but he kept thanking us, so we were happy to keep going.

I yanked his head up and told him to stand. He was slow, so i changed my mind, and pushed him back down. I looked at Renee and told her the long drive here was so bumpy that I needed relief. She got my drift, and agreed that she did too. So we pushed Robert onto his back, and watched him squirm as his weight shoved the huge dildo in further. I went over to Renee and embraced her. As we kissed, I carefully undid her tight pants, and slid them off. I then helped her out of her corset, and her big boobs seemed happy! She then helped me undress, and poor Robert couldn’t see any of this. We finally took the blindfold off, and he was looking up at 2 beautiful pussies.

We told him that he needed to serve as our relief, and he said of course Mistresses. However, when Renee straddled him, and he saw the little white string hanging out, he paused and let out a confused sound. He started to reach up, and I smacked his hands, telling him that all he could use was his mouth and teeth. I helped her squat down, and watched him gently yank the cord with his teeth. I then helped her stand fast, and the tampon came out, and rolled around his chin, and some fresh blood dripped out too. He spit it out, and Renee just pushed her messy pussy into his face, and grabbed the leash. She held him tight as she let loose a long, golden flow of piss. He tried swallowing, but it just came out too fast. His bald head was soaked, and so was his chest. He even slid a bit further onto the cone. When she was done, she told him to clean her up good, and his tounge cleaned everything from piss to blood. When he was done, I looked and told her it was clean.

His face must have been a mess, but it was getting dark, and I was next. I squatted, and he was shocked to see that same white cord in me too. I smiled as he took it out, and it fell on his face. Renee held his leash as I too relieved myself all over him. It was my first day, so I know he had some thick stuff to deal with. He was very good, and even licked my asshole. I thanked him, but told him that was later, the Mexican food we had earlier was still digesting. I could hear his breath skip a bit as I moved off and we yanked him up. Renee yanked the cone out of his ass, and led him to the ocean. There she took out a bullwhip we had in our luggage, and surprised him with a lash across his ass that was so hard, he jumped into the water!

We were having so much fun and hadn’t even made it into the Dungeon yet! Call me to find out what else we did to push this baby to his limits…

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