My Top Embarrassing Sex Stories for men start off with SPH, as well as Cock Humiliation. Top Embarrassing Sex Stories give me extreme pleasure when it comes to humiliating men! (EyeRoll) As if a man with a shrimp cock could ever please me.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, men with little pathetic dicks are very easy to pick out of a crowd.  Gotta Love LITTLE DICK MEN!! Bet you have a few Top Embarrassing Sex Stories you have experienced or would love to share with me.   I ALWAYS need a good laugh….Come entertain me!

Generally, my girlfriends and I have a field day with Cock Humiliation.   The Top Embarrassing Sex Stories are endless of Cock Humiliation just laughing and giggling at little dick men.  We spend endless time comparing and doing lots of sizing up.  You have to realize: It’s the way you carry yourself.  Most little dick men are “Loaded and Loud.”  You know the saying  ” Big Toys = Little Boys.”   The type of man who Flash and Dash. One-hit wonders or three pump chumps!  Come on, you know the type that is always showing off big-ticket items to compensate for little ass cock.

Are you one of those men always pretending to be the BIG Man?  When in reality you are always compensating because you have nothing to show but a teenie weenie. Generally, you can’t last longer than 3 minutes.  OMG, What a waste of a man.  God cursed you with a dick the size of a baby carrot, a cocktail shrimp or a peanut.   LOL, What a joke.  Especially when you put your little ass dick inside a toilet paper roll and think your cock sizes up to a real man.

 Awww did Mommy make you feel better by calling you her “Big Boy?”  Here we go with the next batch of Embarrassing Sex Stories “Mommy Issues!”  She had to make you feel better about yourself.  It all started at a young age, didn’t it?   All the while you didn’t even realize Mommy was making fun of you.   But it felt good didn’t it?

It’s the domino effect that spilled over into your adulthood.  Men like you are the biggest joke.  I love using and abusing small dick men like you.  I make sure you know your place in my perfect world.  You are the type of guy I financially dominate as my Pay Pig or Cuckold Fuck Toy.  You could never please a beautiful, glamorous, and intelligent woman like myself.

(Eyeroll) Furthermore, adding insult to injury with your Embarrassing Sex Stories is making you my cuckold bitch.  I always seek pleasure elsewhere. My hot BBC lover – Big Black Cock – Just the thought makes your cock start to twitch with excitement.   While watching me flirt and fuck different men give your little one-inch “thing” a stiffy. Can’t even classify your “thing” as a penis. <Wicked LiL Laugh>  You poor thing.  My lovers and I just laugh at you.  Comparing your dick size, while making you feel even more inadequate, as he fucks me long and hard.

Bam – Embarrassing Sex Story #210 Do you have penis envy? Well, I will show you what a real cock looks like and how I can be pleased.   Can money buy you a little happiness? C’mere I will make you my fluffer. Best of all, make you my creampie licking cuckold toy.  There’s nothing I won’t do to push you to the edge and make you pay to keep my attention.  My strap-on is even better than your little boy meat.  I’m gonna bend you over and make you beg for me to fuck you harder.  I will own you by the time I’m done with you. I will make sure you know your place and how you will never in a million years be able to please a woman like me. Call me now fucktoy! I know you want cock humiliation phone sex by the best of the best.

Do you have any TOP Embarrassing Sex Stories about Cock humiliation you would like to share?

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