Cuckold Anal Sex Worship was just the beginning of how he would serve me. There was nothing that Jeff wouldn’t do for me.  I was everything from beginning to end for him. My body was his temple to worship, even after another man had his way with me and fucked my holes. It didn’t take long for him to realize his purpose in this relationship.  It was all about satisfying my needs while feeding his hunger.  His desires to be controlled as well as his need to give in to his weakness as a Cuckold Anal Sex Worship slave. I was his weakness that would complete his every taboo desire.

Established men are sometimes extremely consumed by their hectic jobs.  Jeff was one of those men.  He was an owner of a large company and it consumed his every being. Until I entered his world. I was the Goddess that would turn his world upside down and give him true meaning.   I gave him a reason for living each day as if it was his last day here on earth.  He couldn’t get enough of me and his Cuckold Anal Sex Worship. The willingness compromised his manhood for my selfish needs. He needed an escape and I knew just how to keep him on the edge and hungry.

He longed to please me. Jeff’s mundane world needed a twist, a taste of ecstasy. He was starving for a taste of my fucked pussy and ass. I loved making him my cuckold slave.  First enticing him with cuckold stories, as I lured him into my web of taboo desires.  Hence my fucked pussy and ass were all he could think of morning, noon and night.  There was nothing he craved more, as he watched my holes being penetrated by another man. Not long after being exposed his hunger grew stronger.

The evening lead to many evenings of hot fetish play and swing parties.   The flow of cock and cum was endless. His hunger grew deeper, as he starved for cum and the need to please me.  Soon after I commanded him to “Kneel before me and taste my juices.” I wanted him to lick my cum filled creampie ass and pussy. He looked me deep in the eyes, as his submissive side took over his whole being. The hungry for a taste of his Goddess’ fucked pussy and ass was all he needed.

Jeff’s tongue moved in perfect rhythm, so as not to miss a drop. He savored the moment, coupled with the taste of another man’s cum dripping from my holes. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for more.  There he would lay under my sensuous body as another man’s cock penetrated my holes.  The hunger consumed his every being. He couldn’t get enough of his position as a Cuckold Anal Sex Worshipping bitch. My approval meant everything, as the moans of pleasure and praise escaped my lips.

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