So, I Have Two Friends Who Celebrated Their Special Fertile Night!

A special fertile night is so special it’s almost sacred. I would think that everyone would have a special reason to celebrate, but Gwen and Mark really had so much to look forward to in the future.

Mark never thought that he would ever get the girl of his dreams. He remembers Gwen as a sexy college girl. Gone are the days when she would have scandalous college sex with anyone she wanted.

He had wanted her for so long.

Mark had wanted Gwen for so long.  He looked at her with lust and love in his eyes.  Had had watched her grow so beautiful and hotter each year that went by.

He had never thought that anything still existed between them. They both moved on with their lives but were never happy. He couldn’t stop looking at her beautiful form, her luscious hair.

However, that was about to change.

So now, fast forward, the two happy best friends were in their early forties and even hotter than ever. They had both experienced a hard event in their life that was so devastating they never thought they would get out of their rut.

That was all about to change. They both met at a small party.  Nothing too out there, just a lot of fun. His breath dropped at the sight of her beautiful red dress. Gwen was so hot that he couldn’t stop his throbbing cock from twinging under his pants.

It’s as if the magic had never died. They were still so in love. They could never have imagined meeting up again. So, they decided to get a room together and see what happened.

The room was hot but the special fertile night was even better.

Mark had never dreamed that this would be a special fertile night. He had always imagined a family with this woman in his arms. However, once they got into the room, all doubts went away.

Mark slowly undressed his lady. This had been so long overdue. They kissed each other with passion. He could tell just by her scent that she was fertile and ready for a special gift.

After the clothes fell to the floor he blew her mind with wet, sensual lovemaking. Her body shivered and shook under his throbbing thrust. He knew that if he could aim his sperm right into her womb, something beautiful could happen tonight.

He dreamed of his sperm hitting those precious eggs and having a beautiful special fertile night.

Tonight was the night he knew the special event would be something they would remember for the rest of their lives.

So, can you imagine what happened to the two of them? Well, I’d love to tell you more about their special fertile night together. You can best believe that!

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