Are You Ashamed of Scandalous College Sex?

So, have you ever been the center of a scandalous college sex story?  For the most part, many of us would be more than a bit ashamed.  Still, a mom who wants to see their young ones get an edge in life.  There is no limit as to what they will do.  A mommy is not only thinking about now but about the bigger picture later on.  She is ready to take the next step to ensure a good future for her precious ones.

My aunt Diana, as well as her daughter Alison, lived very lavishly.  Alison was a stunning beauty just like her mother.  Ali could make a room go still by walking in.  Everyone thought her pretty and she knew it.  In short, they never wanted for much as Diana’s husband was a well-to-do attorney and one of the two founders of the firm.

However, I hate to say this, but Alison was blessed with good looks and moderate intellect.  As an example, if she wanted something she had only merely pout her pink lips, toss her long blonde locks, kick and scream, or blackmail the maids and help staff.  Instead of fighting her on the issues, the staff gave in.  Perhaps in time, in turn, Alison would grow out of it!

However, this scandalous college sex was all Alison’s fault!

Why would I put the blame on a budding teen?  My cousin’s family had been there all during my childhood and we played happily together.  On the contrary, we got along great growing up.  I always felt Alison could’ve studied harder, and pressed on when things got tough, but she didn’t.  No matter how pretty Alison was, she lacked what it really took to get ahead into a good college.  Aunt Diana knew this as well and secretly felt ashamed she wasn’t there for her growing up and left on business a lot, instead of being present.

It was that time to start exploring potential colleges for Alison.  There were so many possibilities, but Diana only wanted her to go to the best schools.  In essence, all Alison had to do was appear for an interview.  In any case, Alison dressed in her best dress, pulled her long locks back, did her makeup, and put on her stockings and heels.  She looked so hot, but was it enough to get her into school?

When Alison and Diana walked into the office, Diana’s mouth dropped. 

She had no idea that Philip was doing the interview.  They had been quite close when Diana was growing up.  For the most Diana and Philip enjoyed a friends-only relationship.  Philip had always wanted to fuck Diana, and now he saw his chance.  He was going to enjoy dragging this interview out to his advantage.

Next, Philip went over some documents.  He knew Alison was not athletic nor intellectual but the thick envelope was so tempting.  He wanted more to convince him this arrangement would be the best for him.  By the same token, Philip loved horny college girls.  The possibility of being with both similar-looking mother and daughter was tugging at his zipper.  Nevertheless, Philip had a job to do, but he wanted to have his cake and eat it too.

With this in mind, Philip made his demands!

Diana’s mouth opened and closed abruptly.  She never would’ve thought Philip would pull something as cunning as this.   Diana thought the offer would have been sufficient.  When Philip wouldn’t budge she gathered herself.  Kneeling on the ground in front of Philip, she undid his pants and took his cock deep in her mouth.  Next, Diana beckoned Alison to the floor beside her and both mother and daughter tasted his cock and balls.  He loved seeing Diana gag on his hard dick.

Philip ordered both girls to their feet.  He was so ready to fuck both girls hard in their tight asses.  Their stockings were so smooth, their asses so tight and round.  He pulled down Diana’s panties and buried his rod into her so wet slit.  Ah, this was so good, better than he ever imagined.  He wanted to send her home with a cream pie.

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