Keeping His Tongue busy Part 2 – Oral Sex Stories

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He came back to earth remembering that she had been late and probably wanted to do more than just hit today so he told her to get a drink and pick up the balls and they would work on a few things. They got some nice cool water (sooooo hot out!), she poured some over her delicate wrists where the veins were closest to the surface and he poured some down the back of his neck, that made his shirt cling to his chest delightfully.

He caught her eyes on his chest and felt his heart pick up a beat or two per minute. ‘ok, I noticed that you are hitting your forehand a little flatter than you can get away with. You have good power, let’s work on adding some topspin. So, I want to talk about your grip.” (mmm.. yes, let’s talk about grips…..and shafts….and how I grip the shaft.) You know the saying, ‘grip it and rip it?” (ugh, there he goes sounding ridiculous again, all cock diesel and male. but that is what I am after all…) .

He went with her to her baseline and had her do a slow-mo swing while he sidled up behind her and changed her grip slightly. She could smell him. He stunk. But not really in a bad way. And she was getting a little wet. In a very very good way.

The remainder of the lesson was about 20 minutes of him trying to not think about the throbbing that was going on in his shorts.

They worked on her forehand and backhand, and a little on her serve before he ended the lesson, as always with feeding her lobs so she could hit overheads. He found this to be a little therapeutic for most clients….getting to smash the ball as hard as they wanted finally after so much controlled aggression. She seemed to particularly enjoy it today and had a big smile on her face as they headed toward the clubhouse. “great hitting today, you will be fine…be more than fine, you will be great.” I said as we both entered the clubhouse, feeling the static that had been building throughout the lesson. She smiled in that sly way she does, mischief on her lips and thanked me.

I turned and walked away from my crush, heading toward the showers. It was hot and I was so sweaty and I know that she saw my dick print thru my shorts. I figured I’d rub one out while in the shower before heading home for the evening.

Little did I know Anna would follow me into the shower, and put my mouth to work. No more stammering, no more stuttering. I just buried my face in her very pink, very ripe pussy. Breathing her in, and then finally tasting what I had been longing too for so long. My hand couldn’t help finding its way to my cock, and I stroked steadily making my licks match with each stroke.

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