Tongue Fetish: Do you have a naughty fetish you need to tell someone about?

A Tongue Fetish can be so Hot!I knew my boyfriend had a tongue fetish. We had discussed it along with a few other things that we like after a night of some really hot sex. When he told me about his tongue fetish I knew I had to surprise him with something really hot! He showed up to my place after work and was surprised when I opened the door wearing a sexy little dress for him. He immediately started kissing me and things got hot and steamy pretty quickly. I took him to my room and started stripping off his clothes. He got on the bed and waited for me to undress. I always loved putting on a little strip show for him before we played.

Once I removed my clothes I was ready to help him indulge in his tongue fetish. I started at his ankle and slowly licked my way up his leg. Once I got to the top I moved in toward the center and started running my sexy tongue all around his balls. After licking and sucking them I started trailing my way up his cock. He knew I was having fun with his fetish confession. It was pretty obvious with the way I held his cock in my hand and lightly licked all around the head of it before sliding it into my mouth. Another one of my Erotic Sex Stories was definitely in the making.

Tongue Fetish:  Flicking my tongue over it made him moan even louder.

Everything I did to him I made sure to exaggerate the usage of my tongue. After sucking him off for a bit I climbed up his body and slowly lowered my pussy down onto his waiting dick. With him fully buried inside of me, I leaned down and started to lick around his nipples. I took turns on each one of them as I slowly lifted my pussy up and down his hard cock. His moans of pleasure encouraged me to do more. I licked my way from his chest up to his neck to his earlobe. Flicking my tongue over it made him moan even louder.

I sucked it into my mouth and started flicking my tongue over the very edge of it while I sucked. He grabbed my hips and started thrusting into me harder and harder. My pussy tightened up around his dick as I started to cum. This sent him over the edge and he filled my sweet little pussy up with his seed. He said if this is what is going to happen every time he tells me about a new fetish he’s going to be confessing more often!

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