My experience with foot fetish has always been about the feet, but this guy made it clear he was only a toe fetish man. 

So, toe fetish man and I met through Fetlife. He was looking to pay some domme to step on him and get him to worship her feet. And you all should know me by now. I love money, given that I put up used socks for sale and sell my own panties online. And I love any excuse to dominate a pathetic man. Of course, I contacted him. 

Toe fetish man has a different name, but I’m going to call him T for now. We met up in a local restaurant, one that had high bar stools around all the tables and smelled of deep-fryer grease. As expected, this was so he could see my feet as he walked in. They’d be closer to his eyes. 

Now, I don’t know if you’ve seen my feet, and if you haven’t, you should. I keep them soft with weekly pedicures, massages, and I always paint my nails. In summer, I love to go out in sandals and let everyone stare at my cute little toes. Thus, I wore my sandals to the restaurant, ordered, and when T walked in, I wiggled my toes at him. 

T went red right away. 

He quickly sat down, ordered, and over a popcorn shrimp basket explained what he wanted. While avoiding my eyes, he stuttered his request. “Step on me, spit on me, call me pathetic and force-feed me your toes.” 

Obviously, I was interested. 

Visiting a Hotel

Rather than either of us meeting up at our places, we opted for a hotel. I put some vanilla oil diffusers onto the bed tables while he crawled onto the floor, not even bothering to take off his clothes. When I raised an eyebrow at him, he blushed on the floor. “Take them all off? Why are you so useless?” 

Though he sputtered and began taking off his clothes, I noted the bulge in his pants got bigger. “Hurry it up. I’m doing this for you, not me,” I reminded him. I took off my own panties, keeping my dress on, but giving him something to stare at as I placed my foot on his shoulder. 

Of course, he stared. And naturally, he stared at my foot rather than my pussy. The man was true to his word about being a fetishist. 

So I tapped on his mouth with my foot. “Open up,” I told him, pressing against his face until he lay on the floor, looking completely helpless underneath my bare foot. 

Toes in his mouth

Trembling, he parted his lips. I didn’t wait for him to gently wrap his tongue around a toe. Instead, I thrust my big toe right into his mouth. 

Unsurprisingly, he gagged for a moment. But, his recovery was amazing. Soon his tongue was wrapping itself around my toe- a warm, wet muscle massaging it front and back. Warm, moist lips wrapped themselves around my toe, and pleasure shot up my leg, crackling in my groin. 

Then, he sucked. The sudden lack of pressure threw me, and consequently, I stepped forward a little. The pressure on his jaw only made him moan. With that, his efforts redoubled. 

Nearly too much, I moved my big toe out of his mouth and gave him all my little ones. All four of them. To his credit, T just happily sucked them. His tongue darted in and out of the space between my toes. Plus, he wrapped his tongue around my delicate nubs, or pushed his tongue against them.

For all of T’s talk about loving feet, he was even more worshipful. 

And my thighs grew wetter and wetter. Practically dripping, when he finally let my toes go, I nearly fell onto his face, grinding my pussy onto him. It took moments before I finally squirted all over his face, breathing hard. 

Unbelievably, I still had another foot ready to be worshipped. My toe fetish man was up for the challenge.

But tell me, toe fetish men, do you think T was lacking in his worship? He only focused on my toes. Was there anything else he should have done? I’m curious. T gave me an intense orgasm, but I’m always up to have stronger ones!!


If you think you can do better than T, call and show me how!

Give me some great foot fetish phone sex!! 


Toe fetish Man