Daddy loves me in a tiny skirt and panties..

Tiny skirt and cute panties is all I need to turn daddy on. He loves it when I dress up for him, specially in the little frilly white and pink panties that I bought last weekend. They add just enough of an innocent spark to them that makes it feel naughtier when he takes them off. Something drives him crazy when I pair it with a little skirt and bend over a lot.. Sometimes he purposely has me bend over to pick stuff up for him, and has me running around the house just bending over and giving him a little peek. I know what he’s doing, but I pretend I don’t, and it turns him on more that he thinks he’s taking advantage of a cute little innocent tease.. The more I wear them, the naughtier he gets, and sometimes he just can’t resist to come up behind me as I’m bending over, just so he can rub his bulge up against me. I’ll play innocent and ask him what he’s doing, what the bulge is that I’m feeling.. and he likes to play with my head and get me to keep the innocent act up, all the way into his bed.

His favorite part is pretending it’s the first time, every time. When he spreads my little pussy lips while I’m still wearing the tiny skirt, and says it might hurt a little.. and then he slides it right in. I fucking love being his innocent little girl, being turned into a slut right in front of him. The naughtier I get, the rougher he gets, and soon I’m a filthy whore in a cute little skirt, getting fucked hard and rough and still begging for more. The best part is when he fills me cum with cum and makes me wear the little skirt around without panties.. knowing damn well that his cum will be dripping out of me soon enough, sometimes even running down my leg. Sometimes the fun lasts for hours, other times it’s just a dirty quickie, or a series of them.. Seeing me like that makes him crave a second round, every time.

Come play with me.

vibrator torture