A dirty quickie to keep a bratty girl in check..

Dirty quickie never fails.. I love being a little brat, a little spoiled, and a big tease. My ‘friend’ went on a bar crawl with me and we got unbelievably drunk off our asses, it was so much fun. The problem is, whenever I get drunk, inhibitions drop and bad things start happening. I’ll flirt more with everyone around me, I’ll get a little bratty, and I’ll stop filtering what I say! You’ll definitely see a new side of me then. The bigger problem is that sometimes I get insatiably turned on, I want to get thrown around and fucked like a little slut, punished for all the bad things I do.. and the friend I went with, Justin, definitely knew what I was lowkey begging him for. Every little eye-roll and silly insult I threw at him, he was tallying up and waiting for his chance to put me in my place. It didn’t tick over until the next bar we went to. It was a little crowded in the main room, but generally quiet in the back room with the pool tables. And the second he started messing with me about being bad at pool, I fired an insult, and he took his chance.

He threw the cue on the table and came around to my side, pulling me up and setting me on the table hard. He made sure to give my ass a tight squeeze, making it hurt, and I knew he was craving a dirty quickie. I tried to stop him, but I wanted it too much, and I couldn’t really say no when my pussy was soaking through my panties and his cock was ready to move them aside and fuck me. I just begged him to keep it quiet, and in he went, pushing against me hard, fast, and rough. He was grabbing me by the wrist, his other hand around my waist to make sure I wouldn’t move away. I was taking my punishment like the bratty little slut I was..and he made sure he came inside, so I could feel it dripping and soaking through my thong all night. My little treat for mouthing off to him.. It was a lot like all the times my daddy loved to take control of me and punish me for being such a little brat. Hell, sometimes he even handed me off to my bad grandpa to take control..

Come play with me.

dirty quickie