The fun my bad grandpa gets to have..

Bad grandpa likes to do whatever he wants.and that means me! I should have known I was only bringing trouble if I wore my cute schoolgirl skirt to Thanksgiving. It worked when I was younger because I was so used to wearing my uniform, but wearing it now is just inviting a whole lot of kink. I can play around with it and make it look cute and innocent, but that’s what makes it even naughtier! The innocent I look with it on, the dirtier it feels. My bad grandpa got a piece of the action just from that today. Everyone was in the living room relaxing and watching T.V. after eating way too much, and I was bringing back a plate to the kitchen to clean it off a little.. And my grandpa was grabbing another beer from the fridge so he could go back and enjoy it with the guys. But as I was leaning over the sink, I felt a warm hand brush the tip of my tiny skirt, and since I didn’t immediately jump, he moved in a little closer and let it rest softly on my ass. I glanced over my shoulder and bit my lip, and he just gave me a little smile.

I hadn’t visited their house in such a long time, I guess I’d grown more than he expected! And of course, grew to be a little naughtier too.. I think if I’d have jumped he would have tried to play it off, but no.. I liked it, so he kept going, rubbing my ass under my skirt and the naughty old man even slipped a finger over my panties, feeling my clit through the fabric. And he knew he only had a little time to get away with it too, so he slipped it under my panties as quickly as he could.. rubbing between my pussy lips and feeling me get dripping wet around him. But we couldn’t stay, so he pulled it out and moved on as quickly as he could, leaving me wanting more.. Dirty old man!

Come play with me.

bad grandpa