I love laughing during tiny penis humiliation!

There’s nothing funny about wasting my time, though. And that’s exactly what you did with that little baby carrot between your legs. Our Tindr date was going so well too. You had so much confidence and charisma that I was completely taken aback when you had nothing but an oversized clit to present me. I guess you’re just begging for some tiny penis humiliation!

How dare you lick my pussy and get me all worked up when you had no way to truly satisfy me? I should rip that little skin tag off of you for being such a damn disappointment, but I need to get off first.

    Don’t pull your pants up! Leave that disgusting excuse of a cock out and sit in the corner. I’m not letting you off the hook. If you try to leave I’ll post pictures of that tiny shrimp dick all over the internet. Good luck going anywhere without the sound of laughter following you!

That’s right, bitch, you wasted my time and now I own you!

You are such a perverted little freak! I’ve done nothing but give you a small taste of tiny penis humiliation and sit here naked and you’re fucking dripping precum! Open that drawer and get me the biggest dildo and a string of anal beads.

Shut the fuck up! I don’t want to hear a word out of your filthy mouth the rest of the night. You’re lucky I’m even letting you off the hook this easy! I should be fucking you with these toys, but, again, I need to get off.

   Go ahead, help me get these beads ready to be inside of me. Get them nice and wet for me. I love watching you slobber all over my toys! Oh yeah! There you go, that’s good. Now sit back for your tiny penis humiliation.

Watch me slide one after another into my tight little ass. Mmm, they feel so fucking good. Much better than anything you could possibly do for me. Sure, you got me turned on, but these are going to actually help me cum.

Do you see how this big thick dildo has those veins popping out on the side? That makes this silicone cock more real than yours! Your baby dick doesn’t have room for any veins!

I’m going to lay back, propped up on my pillows, and just fuck the shit out of my pussy while you watch.

   Don’t look away! Watch as I slowly push it in. Oh God, it’s so tight! My pussy lips can barely fit around it! You’ll never know what it feels like to fill a woman like this. Fuck yeah! See how my pussy juice clings to the shaft? Mmm, it feels so good when I shove it in as deep as it can go!

   Does your pathetic little cock even make it past anyone’s pussy lips?

Hahaha of course not. That little micropenis isn’t big enough to fill any hole. All it’s good for is tiny penis humiliation, which is not what I was looking for tonight.

   It’s a good thing I fuck myself so good! Oh fuck yeah! I love that little crushed expression on your face. Keep looking! You poor. Pathetic. Weak. Lying. Little. Bitch!

   Oh, fuck! I’m coming! Ohhhhh shit, it feels so good. Look at my pussy convulsing around my dildo. It’s trying to milk all the cum out of it. Mmm, my pussy feels so good, but because of you, I didn’t get to feel any jizz squirting deep inside of me tonight. You couldn’t even manage to get me off with dirty talk porn.

  Stop fucking stroking your little nub! You don’t get to cum in my presence tonight…or ever. If you want to pretend you’re a big boy you can go call a phone sex operator, though I’m pretty sure they’ll know in a heartbeat. In fact, stand up. Pull your pants up but don’t button them. I’m going to shove my dirty dildo in your underwear so you can pretend to have a real cock for a while. Feel free to fuck yourself with it, but I expect it back in pristine condition! Now get the fuck out of my sight. I’m done with you for now.

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