I need a medical fetish roleplay, STAT!

Maybe I’m not as dramatic as the medical fetish roleplay pornos you watch, but if you’re looking for an accurately detailed roleplay, I’m your girl! I even have some real medical tools to help us get kinky on our fetish phone sex call.

My head is full of naughty ways for us to get horny with it. With me as your nurse though, we can probably do it all. I have no limits, and with our patient under heavy sedation, we can do whatever the Doctor(you) wants during our medical fetish roleplay.

I’d been way too obsessed with tiny penis humiliation recently to mention my love for being your nurse, but now that you have me all to yourself, how about we have a little fun?

Are you ready to begin, Doctor?

“She’s out!”, I declare as I remove the syringe from her IV port. Standing up, I lift her naked legs expectantly as you move in and extend the stirrups. I back up as you sit down to insert the speculum. The stainless steel instrument goes in smoothly and you ratchet it open wide before standing back up.

You motion for me to conduct the pelvic exam, so I approach. I grab two exam gloves and snap them on before looking directly into her wide open pussy. After a little poking and prodding, I’ve discovered a few things.

“Well, Doctor. She’s no virgin, but she does have a pretty little pussy. Tight cervix and labia indicate she’s never given birth. And her pelvic floor indicates she’d be a good fuck.”

I look back at you expecting a chuckle, but you just look at me impatiently and tell me to get back to it. I’m smiling when I go back to the exam. It’s fortunate that you can’t see me smile because you are so horny and desperate to play with our patient that it would only anger you.

So I get back to work.

“There are no visible sores or abrasions, and her chart shows no indications of any STD’s. I think she’s clean.”

I gently pull the hood back from her clit and watch as it and her pussy lips become engorged with blood.

“She’s highly sensitive, even under sedation. It also appears she has a rather wide urethra, so that’ll be fun to play with. I see her anus is also shaved and it appears…”

I swing the stool around and look you directly in the eyes.

“It seems she’s already had an enema. Did you get a little too excited and do it yourself, or was the patient just really paranoid that we might want to go beyond our medical fetish roleplay?”

Sarcasm was a bold move on my part, but I knew you wouldn’t answer either way. You never answer when you’re caught playing by yourself. You just wink. I stand up and take off my gloves before wrapping myself around you.

You’re mine whether you play alone or not. 

I kiss you passionately on the lips as I squeeze your hard cock. It’s time to start. I saunter away from you and pull the sheet off of the instrument tray I’ve prepared for tonight. The stainless steel glistens as you come to choose your first toy. I stand back and wait expectantly.

Can you believe how wicked some of them are? Of course, I brought forceps, scalpels, scissors, needles, syringes full of all types of nasty cocktails, and your other basic surgical requirements, but there are also some fun ones that go above and beyond: a mammotome, nerve hooks, a dermatome, a bone saw, and a bone drill, to be specific.

Pick your favorite, Doctor, and let’s get started. Tonight is all about you.

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