Sabrina and her lover make a tiny dick owner happy with a borrowed cock.

Jerod has a tiny dick. When it’s hard, it’s about two inches long.  Despite this flaw, Jerod loves to show it to me.  I don’t mind.  I enjoy a good laugh and it really amazes me that this tiny dick is actually functional.

One night, Jerod called me and asked if he could come over.  I told him I had made other plans but he suspected I was just trying to blow him off so he tried bribery, which usually works with me.  

“I’ll bring over a couple of pizzas…” he began.

“I’ve eaten dinner already, Jerod.”  I responded.

“… and I bought a big bottle of top shelf tequila… the good stuff that you like…” he pleaded.  

“Well… you can come over but Troy is coming over later.”  Troy was my current lover.  Six feet, four inches of solid muscle and he owned the biggest, blackest cock that I ever had the pleasure of sucking on.  

“Oh!  Troy will be there?” Jerod’s voice actually sounded excited now.  I laughed and told him to come on over.

After a few shots of very smooth and expensive tequila, Jerod and I really loosened up.  

“Do you want to see my tiny dick?”  he asked, already unbuttoning his pants.  

“Do I have a choice?”  I asked.  I didn’t mind, actually.  As I said, it was fascinating to see such a tiny dick.  It looked like some sort of optical illusion, it was so small.  

I sat back while he pulled the puny prick out of his pants and began to to stroke it.  I chuckled as his fingers dwarfed his little sausage.  Eventually, Jerod was standing before me, naked and rubbing his tiny dick with two fingers, moaning and panting loudly.

Of course, I watched and offered my running commentary at the same time, which he seemed to enjoy.  “I don’t understand how you can get any stimulation… it almost seems too small to have any real feelings.  Does it hurt when you yank that hard?  Hey, I never realized how small your balls are…”

The front door opened and Troy walked in.  He stopped, got a good look at Jerod’s tiny dick and burst out laughing.  

“Did I exaggerate?” I asked, laughing.

“No, you didn’t.”  Troy shook his head and sat next to me, and encouraged Jerod to continue playing with his nub.  Now that Troy was watching, Jerod seemed to really be getting more aroused.

“Do you ever wish you had a cock like this one?”  Troy stood up and pulled his pants off, revealing his glorious 12 inch black cock.  He held it proudly in his hand and gave it a few long strokes as Jerod watched, licking his lips.   “Imagine having THIS hanging between your legs instead of that pathetic tiny dick of yours…”

“I can’t even imagine it…” Jerod said wistfully.   I felt so sorry for Jerod, that I came up with a quick way to cheer him up.  I jumped up and whispered into Troy’s ear.  He smiled and nodded his head enthusiastically.

“I’m in!” Troy said.  

We led Jerod into my bedroom and positioned him in front of my full length mirror.  He gazed at his little prick sadly.  Troy stood behind him and instructed him to spread his legs open.  Jerod’s eyes widened in fear and started to shake his head.

“No, no, no… it’s not what  you’re thinking.” I said reassuringly.  “Just do as he says.  Trust me.”

Jerod spread his legs open and Troy, having to squat a bit, slid his dick between Jerod’s thighs.  “Now close your legs.”  Troy said.  

Jerod whooped with pleasure.  The reflection in the mirror showed poor little Jerod, now standing proudly with a big black dick between his legs.  It was his fantasy come true.  He held the dick with both hands and watched his reflection, and for once in his life, he got to see himself stroking a big black cock as if it belonged to him.  

Troy was enjoying the handjob and watched as Jerod expertly stroked and pulled.  

“Am I cumming?” Jerod whispered as Troy began to grunt.  To his delight, Jerod watched as a gush of cum squirted out of his fantasy cock.  He smiled proudly at the big load that landed on my floor, just in front of the mirror.  

For a few minutes, Jerod enjoyed a fantasy of having a big black cock between his legs.  And then I got to live out my own fantasy which was to make Jerod get on his hands and knees and slurp up all that cum off my floor.  It was a win win for everyone!

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