I was heading to Kyle’s house for some fun teasing from a tiny dick Loser. Eating pussy is the only thing little dick losers are even good at! Kyle was so good at it but he knew he only wanted to eat my goddess pussy. Bratty Teen Pussy Eating From Tiny Dick Loser treats this pussy right.

What Kyle had on his mind was a mind-blowing intense pleasure and I didn’t know what he was going to do. When I showed up In nothing but a swimsuit I could tell he was more than excited to see me. He started off by grabbing my hands and leading me to the darkroom.

Bratty Teen Pussy Eating From Tiny Dick Loser

As we entered the room with black lights everywhere he guided me to this huge pillow table in the middle of the room. He then laid me right on my back and started to strap me to the table. Spreading my legs wide apart he tore off my bikini bottoms.

He then started to open something that looked like a candy bag. As he ripped the bag open he poured some onto his tongue. I watched as he leaned down to my teen pussy lips. He spread the lips apart and placed his tongue across them. I could feel little tingles and pops as he started to lick more. Bratty Teen Pussy Eating From Tiny Dick Loser so intense.

I was getting so turned on it was like having vibrations and tingles going up and down my spine. I started to sway my hips onto his mouth. This little dick loser knew what to do to make a teen cum right on his face. Bratty Teen Pussy Eating From Tiny Dick Loser tongue felt so good.

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His Little Cock Was Getting So Turned On In My Mouth

Leaning back up he poured some on his little dick and stuck it in my mouth. I started to lick and suck on his little dick. It tasted like strawberries and it was popping right in my mouth and on his little cock. These pop rocks were so intense I wanted to actually suck and play with his pathetic cock!!

His little carrot of a cock was getting so turned on in my mouth I could feel it throbbing as I licked and sucked the whole thing. It was so small that it couldn’t make me gag or anything so I could really suck and tease his little cock.

I was going to cum all over this little dick’s mouth

Before I knew it he had put more in his mouth and poured some more onto my pussy hole. He started tongue fucking it pushing those pop rocks deep in me. I was oozing my juices while having such intense tingles. I couldn’t take much more of this teasing I was going to cum all over this little dick’s mouth. This teen tight pussy was going to blow all over his face.

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