Tinder date

So, a few nights ago I hooked up on a tinder date. This guy from tinder with his huge dick fuck me in the ass. It was so good I wanted more so this morning I decided to send him a picture on Snapchat. Just topless with my hair down and said “wanna come over later?”

And he responded fast with a yes and as easy as that I had my Saturday dick appointment booked. The day went on and mid-afternoon rolled around and the guy arrived at my house. He knocked on the door and I let him in and today we sat down and had a conversation for about 30 minutes.

He told me that today he wanted to start inside of my pussy and then transition to anal towards the end. Apparently, he wanted more of everything coming into today and I was ready for anything.

We went into my bedroom and shut the door. We started off just by making out laying on the bed. And then he picked me up, put me on my back, pulled down my shorts, and slid 2 fingers into my pussy. Then right away found my clit.

And from that point on this guy would get anything he wanted from me. He finger-fucked my cunt for 5 minutes before starting to eat me out. As he was eating me out, I told him to take his pants off. And let me get on top so we can 69.

He agreed and we proceeded and gave each other a very sloppy head for about 20 minutes. My pussy was dripping and this guy had me get up, lay back with my legs spread wide apart and feet in the air.

And then he started absolutely drilling my pussy.

The 9-inch dick balls deep in my v pounding me for 15 straight minutes was everything I ever wanted it to be. But we would stop about every 3 minutes so I could suck him off a little bit more.

After about the 4th time he stuck his dick back in and air got built up in there from all of them going in and out. So, I start queefing every time this guy thrusts. And with my legs in the air and legs spread they were loud.

But after a few minutes straight of it, he pulled out of my pussy. Which was dripping everywhere and I got into a doggy-style position. And he spread my ass cheeks apart, slowly stuck his fat, throbbing cock in.

It gradually went faster and he kept going harder and harder. Out of nowhere, I started to literally have pussy juice go all over the place. And my body was actually having waves of pleasure flow from head to toe.

I literally had a 3-minute-long orgasm

while getting fucked in the ass. And as we got a few more minutes in the guy blows a fat, sticky load of cum inside of my butthole. Then like clockwork, he laid on his back and I proceeded to spread my butt-cheeks, shake my ass. After a few minutes I farted 5 times and his whole load was gone.

The last of his load I farted out I let it out directly on the tip of his cock. And he said the feeling of that one on the tip made him start to get hard again. Which honestly, I thought was kind of hilarious.

I look at him and tell him he should let me clean his cock in the shower. He said he’d love that. So, we walk into the bathroom, he pees and turns the shower on. Afterward, I sit down to pee but also ended up needing to shit mid-pee. And the guy knew, so while I sat on the toilet and pooped. I gave him another hand-job. And after I finished on the toilet I laid on the bathroom floor. So he could titty-fuck me until orgasm and he shot another fat load all over my face.

I stood up and we showered. And I cleaned that huge dick of his that I had farted on with my mouth. And afterward, we cleaned each other, got out. He invited me to a party. I politely declined because I had a different tinder date though I did not tell him that. And he ended up leaving with me freshly bathed and fucked. Ready for my next tinder date. I was already planning on my weekend plans at a Nudist pool party

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Tinder date
Tinder date