Nudist pool party


This is not another MILF threesome with a couple of teens. This is about when we went to a nudist pool party. You see David has amazing cock control… of his orgasms. Not so much for erections. We were invited to my friend Yoli’s to a nudist pool party in Key West Florida. As a hostess she could not mingle with us so introduced us to a few people and asked them to show us around.

I loved the variety of body types and sizes. It was a buffet of delight, for your eyes. Unfortunately, David’s cock let everyone know that he was not accustomed to seeing so many nude women and having them bump into him.
Most of the nudists were very understanding, good-natured about David’s run-away cock. They even appreciated his body even more. It seemed that most of the women felt a need to reach out and stroke his cock like a pet. They joked when his precum leaked onto their hands… LOL or wherever his cock left a trail as they bumped, and rubbed it into their skin.

I will admit, my pussy was swollen watching him be fondled, and leaking way more than David’s cock. I had pussy juices running down my thighs with every step. The party was around one of the larger pool areas of the resort. And in our wonderings, we were often stopped by people introducing themselves.

Yoli is living a full-on swinger’s lifestyle. She has sex with whoever, whenever, and yes that includes family members. ANYTHING GOES with her, as long as she gets to orgasm.

What we did not know beforehand was that the party had a side party. One which we were subtly being guided towards. Our current “couple” of ladies we were talking with guided us through a hedgerow. Then we walked a short “hall” of hedges into another smaller pool area.

And I could hear the sound of women orgasming.

It was a more intimate setting which I barely paid attention to. What caught my eye was the circular lounging beds, I think there were about 6. Each had multiple people on them having sex.

Everywhere there were more women than men. 2 of the beds were all women. And it was so hard to count the number at each bed. I admit I was distracted by all the asses, pussies, and breasts. Ok, also all the cocks. Everyone was in some sort of sex grouping. No one was being left out. And there were no couples only.

Every man had at least 3 women involved with him. On the 2 all-girl beds I do not think it was because they wanted women only. I think it was because there were not enough men to go around.

Our lovely lady that was still petting and stroking David’s now streaming (precum) cock led us to the bed that only had 3 women on it. Instantly David had 10 hands on him not counting mine. I felt a wave of juices run down my leg to my knees at the sight.

The ladies that were guiding us just smiled and one locked eyes with me. She asked If I minded sharing since there were so many men who were intimidated at the reality of taking on so many women.

I grinned knowing that David was up to the challenge. Agreeing I would share him for the evening. but warned the ladies that his cum belonged to me. LOL But of course I was willing. Then teasing David, I said that is if he felt up to it.

His response was to line his cock up to the mouth of

the lady sitting directly across from him. All the ladies (none of whom I ever found out their names) immediately went back to helping each other cum. Taking turns sucking Davids’s cock, fucking him. It was wonderful to lean back on the pillows, getting my pussy eaten by a lovely lady, and watch as David rammed his cock into pussy after pussy. He occasionally indulged me. Knowing how I love the taste of a woman’s cum on his cock he often stopped fucking just to let me clean his cock.

David changed women and positions often. I know it was at least partially to keep from orgasming, but I loved it. I did not really keep count. He must have fucked at least half the ladies in that pool area. Before he grabbed his cock, stepped to my hair, and pushed his cock into my eagerly opened mouth. I took every inch of him feeling his steel-hard rob jumping as it erupted. Spurting his essence in my mouth and down my throat.

Always too sensitive to allow me to continue he pulled out and collapsed next to me. At that point, us ladies concentrated on each other. As you would expect being in the center of living porn. Seeing it all happen in real life, hearing each separate woman, smelling all their orgasms, it did not take long for him to get hard again. But it took him a lot longer to orgasm the next time.

And there was a next time and a next

The kinky nudist pool party went on till close to dawn the next morning. We were one of the few ones that slept outside on one of those beds with a few others. Just to keep warm mind you LOL. Too much happened to come close to being able to tell you about in a single blog. If I tried to write it all that happened from 11 a.m. till we left the pool area it would be a book.

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