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My husband had no idea of that massive cuckold party that would be waiting for him when he returned from his business trip. The idea of me cuckolding him wasn’t something new. He travels quite a bit for business and he knew that he didn’t quite measure up to my expectations. Of course he had no idea that I had been getting my needs met elsewhere for quite some time. I decided that this would be the perfect time for him to have his eyes opened wide and boy were they ever!

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I crawled from one big black anaconda to the next, sucking and stroking and moaning while I took care of every last one of them. It took a few minutes for the shock to wear off before he finally realized just what he was actually seeing in his own living room. As soon as it sunk in, I heard his zipper slide down and he came closer for a better look. He was jerking his little dick all night long as he watched me get fucked and pumped full of black cum in every possible position. It was the ultimate cuckold humiliation.

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