My husband ended up being aroused by cuckold humiliation.

I’ve been sick and tired of faking my way through orgasms with my woefully inadequate husband. Playing nice only gets you so far. One day I decided that enough was enough. It was time for me to finally get some satisfaction, whether he liked it or not. Even if some cuckold humiliation was involved, well that’s par for the course. Of course, I didn’t give him a heads up about it, because really where is the fun in that? I waited until I knew it was almost time for him to walk through that door.

The stage was set for his cuckold humiliation as he walked through the door. I was down on my knees, with my lips wrapped around that big thick juicy black cock. He got to see my tongue fetish up close and personal. The moment that he walked through the door and spotted us, I heard the keys hit the floor. He wasn’t sure how to react at first, especially when we both started laughing at him. The funny thing was, that his little dick got stiff and he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the sight of us.

It was time for me to highlight how much better my new lover was.

I had my husband drop his pants and put his little minuscule dicklet next to the massive black anaconda that I was getting nice and slippery wet. Of course, I didn’t stop at merely comparing and sucking that big black cock. Then I forced him to watch and rub his dicklet as I got fucked hard and deep from the back like the pathetic little cuckold that he is. It made me cum so hard that I squirted like crazy with orgasm after orgasm. Once he blew his sticky hot load inside of me, I made him lick and slurp it all out.

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